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Nader Announces Bid for Presidency

Ralph Nader announced his third bid for President of the United States today on Meet the Press.  Nader will run as an Independent.
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From today’s Washington Post:

Consumer advocate Nader starts presidential bid

Sunday, February 24, 2008; 10:02 AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Consumer advocate Ralph Nader said on Sunday that he is launching another long shot independent campaign for president of the United States.

Nader, who will turn 74 this week, announced his presidential bid on NBC’s “Meet the Press” saying that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are addressing the problems facing Americans.

Nader also ran for president in 2000 when he got about 2.7 percent of the national vote as the Green Party candidate and played a role in deciding the final presidential outcome. He also ran as an independent in 2004 and got only a tiny fraction of the vote.

Many Democrats blame Nader’s participation in the close race between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George Bush in 2000 for tipping the election in favor of Bush. They believe that but for Nader’s name on the ballot in Florida, Gore would have been the clear winner and president today instead of Bush.

Nader called Washington “corporate occupied territory” that turns the government against the interest of its own people.

“In that context I have decided to run for president,” Nader said. (Reporting by Donna Smith; Editing by David Wiessler)

(To read more about the U.S. political campaign, visit Reuters “Tales from the Trail: 2008” online at http://blogs.reuters.com/trail08/)

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Two more candidates will join this debate!

(NOTE:  Ralph Nader has not declared his intentions to seek the Green Party Presidential Nomination.)

Cynthia McKinney ~ Ralph Nader ~ Jared Ball ~ Kent Mesplay ~ Kat Swift ~ Jesse Johnson



Hosted and moderated by Cindy Sheehan and well-known Bay Area

January 13, 2008
2:00 PM

Veteran’s Memorial Bldg.

401 Van Ness Ave.(opposite City Hall)
San Francisco
(3 blocks from Civic Center BART)

register GREEN

$10–25 donation (sliding scale)

Sponsored by the Green
Party of Alameda County, the San Francisco Green Party and the Sacramento
County Green Party

For more information:
(510) 644-2293

An Unreasonable Man

Today in Salt Lake the Sundance Film about Ralph Nader,AN UNREASONABLE MAN, is being shown (details below). It is sure to be a sell-out. Please write in your comments about the film if you have seen it or will see it today but clicking on “speak” at the bottom of this post.
The name Ralph Nader sparks fiery debate among people across the country. To some, he is an icon of rare idealism, while others see him simply as the political spoiler of the last two elections. No matter what you think of the man, the fact remains that he is a tireless crusader.
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