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News on Sundance Opening

Redford praises documentary films
Screenings kick off with fiery statement
‘Chicago 10’ meant to stir up youth protest


I’ve been looking at the film schedule for Sundance Film Festival, which begins Thursday, January 18 and runs through January 28.

I haven’t looked at the entire schedule yet, but so far these films look interesting to me(go to the website to see how to get tickets):

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Sundance Film Festival

The annual Sundance Film Festival will be held January 19-29.

A list of films to be screened can be viewed here.

Concurrently, the Slamdance Film Festival will be held, January 18 – 27.

An Unreasonable Man

Today in Salt Lake the Sundance Film about Ralph Nader,AN UNREASONABLE MAN, is being shown (details below). It is sure to be a sell-out. Please write in your comments about the film if you have seen it or will see it today but clicking on “speak” at the bottom of this post.
The name Ralph Nader sparks fiery debate among people across the country. To some, he is an icon of rare idealism, while others see him simply as the political spoiler of the last two elections. No matter what you think of the man, the fact remains that he is a tireless crusader.
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Sundance and its Volunteers

Sundance would probably function a lot differently were it not for its volunteers who are crucial in making Sundance happen.

The people that I know who volunteer for the famous film festival event do it because they love independent film, utah, and the festival – not because they want to see celebrities or mingle with them. Volunteers get to see films for free (in their spare time!) and they love meeting people who travel to Utah from all over to attend the event.

Many of the volunteers work full time jobs in addition to volunteering. One friend of mine (also a sister Radical Cheerleader!)spends 30 hours per week on top of her 40 hour per week social work job to volunteer at this event……and she loves it.

Thanks to all the volunteers out there who are making this happen!

Slamdance Film Festival

This year’s Slam Dance Film Festival, the “poorer” film festival that coincides with the larger and flashier Sundance, has begun. With over 90 films and loads of other entertaining activities, Slamdance has events in Park City and Salt Lake City.

Sugarhouse is a featured venue area for some of the films and events. Tonight at 7pm Slamdance is featuring a poetry slam at in Sugarhouse, the little retail activist shop, the owner (who is also one of my fellow cheerleaders!) of which opens the doors of her shop to activist groups for films, meetings and other events.

This is exciting for our little activist community here in Utah!


Today is the opening day of the Sundance Film Festival.

Both The Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune have guides to the festival as well as the festival site itself. The newspaper sites include blogs.
The Salt Lake City Weekly also has articles, reviews, and guides to the films.

Today’s Salt Lake Tribune has as its online headline Sundance: Unsung staffers are festival’s real stars–Sundance ’06:The movies roll today, an article about the people who work for the festival.

This is an exciting and positive time in Utah every year.

Teachers in the school in which I teach are taking advantage of an opportunity to take our juniors and seniors to see the film Journey from the Fall on Monday the 23rd (for free!), by screen writer Ham Tran. Students will have the opportunity to meet with the filmmaker after the screening.

Here is more info on this film:

Thailand/U.S.A., 2005, 135 Minutes, color – Director: Ham Tran

Journey from the Fall actually follows two journeys, both of which begin as Vietnam’s civil war ends. On the day Saigon falls, Long Nguyen and his wife, Mai, reluctantly part ways.
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Sundance Film Festival

The 2006 Sundance Film Festival takes place January 19-29 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah.

There is a new procedure for the purchase of tickets for the Sundance Film Festival. This year, instead of waiting in long lines to purchase tickets, film goers should report for the “Festival Kick-Off” gatherings on Friday (today) from 5 to 7 p.m. at the main box offices – Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, and the Gateway Center in Park City. Wristbands will be distributed randomly, with numbers that correspond to a half-hour time slot to buy tickets Saturday or Sunday.

Best of Festival: Free tickets for the annual “Best of Festival” screenings will be distributed the weekend of Jan. 13-15.

Further details can be found at Sundance. Here you can also get a list of films being shown and sign up for email newsletters for Utah based events.