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Seriously Green

Seriously Green – The Movie
These pieces represent some of work in progress on the upcoming documentary “Seriously Green”

During an era when it is fashionable to “Be Green”, what does it mean to be seriously Green? Our premise is that being seriously green goes way beyond buying recyclable products and composting. It is a political awareness of social and environmental justice and transparency in government. And while that work starts mostly by making demands upon our government within our own communities, without addressing the broken elements of our electoral system, change is too slow.

“”Seriously GREEN” takes an irreverent view of this election period, telling the unique story of the Presidential Candidates for the Green Party, who campaign on in relative obscurity and with little or no money. Through their personal stories, the audience begins to engage in the Green conversation in a new light. We use humor and juxtasposition to keep the audience interested in what many feel are dry subjects, like electoral and campaign finance reform, ballot access, environmentalism. While this is not an advocacy piece for the Greens, it does sympathize with the characters and endear them to the viewer, forcing us to ask ourselves the question “What is it to be Seriously GREEN”

Seriously Green Playlist:

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The Green Party of the United States is putting together a special email to producers  promoting the GPUS speakers on  health care to coincide with the  national opening of “Sicko” this Friday.  I was asked to provide a couple of sentences for this.  Listen to it here.

Michael Moore’s new documentary, “Sicko”, will open this Friday all over the U.S.  Listen to Democarcy Now’s Amy Goodman interview Michael Moore on Sicko here.

The L.A. debut of “Sicko” was held on the streets of Skid Row Monday night.  Michael Moore welcomed hundreds of homeless and low income to come out for free and see his film and he provided free popcorn and soda pop.

The film promises to be an eye opener into health care around the world and how the U.S.’s health care system fares compared to other countries. 


Tonight I saw the film CRASH: Moving at the speed of light, we are bound to collide with each other. It is a film about bias – racial, sexual, etc. It really brings to light that we all, as human beings, have biases in this – even if we don’t realize it.

News on Sundance Opening

Redford praises documentary films
Screenings kick off with fiery statement
‘Chicago 10’ meant to stir up youth protest


I’ve been looking at the film schedule for Sundance Film Festival, which begins Thursday, January 18 and runs through January 28.

I haven’t looked at the entire schedule yet, but so far these films look interesting to me(go to the website to see how to get tickets):

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Sundance Film Festival

The annual Sundance Film Festival will be held January 19-29.

A list of films to be screened can be viewed here.

Concurrently, the Slamdance Film Festival will be held, January 18 – 27.

Michael Franti’s Concert

Yesterday was fabulous. I got to the Gallivan Center around 1:00pm with a handful of other folks and by 1:30 had staked out my spot for the first concert in the annual Twilight Concert Series of the season, featuring artist Michael Franti & Spearhead.

The highlight for me was meeting Michael.
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Twilight Concert Series – Michael Franti

Thursday evening I am going to attend the Twilight Concert Series opening concert, featuring Michael Franti & Spearhead:

Michael Franti & Spearheadcreate an ultra-infectious mix of classic soul, funk and hip-hop culminating in a unique and powerful blend. Frontman Michael Franti has been important in the world of music for years, fi rst emerging as a quick-tongued rapper fronting the groundbreaking hip-hop group the Beatnigs, followed by the highly critically acclaimed Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. Fusing superb musicality with politically-charged lyrics, Michael Franti & Spearhead use their music as a vehicle for social conscience, maintaining a positive attitude while tackling some of today’s most complicated issues. Michael Franti has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music including Nirvana and U2.

Michael Franti walks the talk. I have admired him for quite awhile. I was priveleged to hear him perform in Park City a couple of years ago. Here is what is documented in Wikipedia:
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Songs of Protest

Protest Songs are making a resurgence, according to The Nation

Listen to Neil Young’s Living With War

Neil Young’s Songs of Impeachment (alternet article)

Listen to Tuberaider’s Pink “Dear Mr. President”


Tomorrow, tomorrow,
I’m wond’ring today
Will they sing our songs tomorrow
In this land, the U.S.A.
Oh, I know they’ll sing them someday,
Those who fight for liberty.
Will our songs be sung tomorrow
In this land that they call free?

Now is the time
Now is the day
Now is the hour
No more delay
Let’s build a peaceful world
And get it right away, not tomorrow,
But today.
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