Since I was a small child I have loved life.  Plants, animals, water, dirt.  I’ve always felt a kinship to the planet.

My husband Tom and I are like minded.  We love the earth and all life on it. We live in Salt Lake City, near the state Fairgrounds.  Our back yard borders the Jordan River parkway. The view from our house does not give one the picture of living in an urban setting.

We grow a lot of our own food.  We work on community projects.  Outside of our work lives, we spend our time producing, preserving and consuming our homegrown food.

We have 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren and we are modeling for them “the way” to sustainable living.

We also involve ourselves in activism in many ways.

Most of all, we have fun!

You can read more at About  and Leona’s Lair.

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