Michael Franti’s Concert

Yesterday was fabulous. I got to the Gallivan Center around 1:00pm with a handful of other folks and by 1:30 had staked out my spot for the first concert in the annual Twilight Concert Series of the season, featuring artist Michael Franti & Spearhead.

The highlight for me was meeting Michael.

I approached him and welcomed him to Salt Lake City. As I reached out my hand to shake his he surprised me by pulling me closer to him and kissing my cheek! Tom invited him to our peace vigil that we left to attend for a couple of hours prior to the show and he seemed grateful. He didn’t attend.

As is always the case with these concerts the crowd is thick and many folks don’t know how to truly listen. Whenever the volume got low enough people would talk and continue shouting and not listen to Michael. It was frustrating for me because his message is so important for us. We stopped attending these free concerts long ago because of this, but this concert was important enough to us to attend. I also couldn’t help wonder to myself as Michael sang of war, bombing of innocent people, and peace issues and the response the crowd displayed over these songs – Where are all these people in everyday life?.

Nonetheless, I am happy to have been able to hear Michael Franti and Spearhead.

I took photos of the event with more descriptions:

Waiting for hours before the concert was fun!

Here are some photos I took of flowers in planters around the Plaza while I waited:

The Police even entertained us by going through everyone’s backpacks and coolers (alcholic beverages were not allowed to be brought in).

Michael Franti arrives for his sound check and to just hang out
Here he is with me welcoming him to the venue and below that another fan doing the same.

Michael seemed to enjoy just hanging out near the stage where there was a fountain in which everyone cooled off.

Sound check

Michael and others play outside. Tom invites him to the peace vigil.

Michael had been told that many of us had been there all afternoon so as a surprise he gave us a special pre-show between around 5:00 – we went wild!

The show began at 7:00 with the San Francisco band Hot Buttered Rum, a popular acoustic folk and bluegrass group.

Shots of the Michael Franti & Spearhead Show. As it got darker, it was harder to take photos but these turned out o.k.

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