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Jared Ball Ends Campaign: Supports Cynthia McKinney

Jared Ball has ended his campaign to support the Presidential Campaign of Cynthia McKinney

From the Jared Ball Campaign Website:
At the closing of the recent Green Party Presidential Debate, Jared Ball announced that his campaign would yield to and support Cynthia McKinney’s bid for the Green Party Presidential Nominee. The “Capitol Resistance” component of the “Jared Ball for President” campaign will join the McKinney team and serve as the outreach and presentation arm of the her campaign.Please accept our thanks for your support and encouragement during our campaign – with special thanks to the volunteers and donors who made our work possible. Supporting the Green Party and any Presidential Candidate the party chooses is one basic step that any concerned citizen should take to bring about positive change in our nation today. Our campaign has been about building the Green Party and opening its doors to the true majority in this nation – women, the indigenous, the Hispanics, African-Americans and all poor and working class residents of our country without representation. We hope you will to join us in supporting the McKinney campaign to bring about this reality for the benefit of our communities.Peace,
Jared Ball for President Campaign

ps. You can continue to support Jared Ball’s work by visiting Voxunion Media home of FreeMix Radio, the Original Mixtape Radio Show and other potent media.


Two more candidates will join this debate!

(NOTE:  Ralph Nader has not declared his intentions to seek the Green Party Presidential Nomination.)

Cynthia McKinney ~ Ralph Nader ~ Jared Ball ~ Kent Mesplay ~ Kat Swift ~ Jesse Johnson



Hosted and moderated by Cindy Sheehan and well-known Bay Area

January 13, 2008
2:00 PM

Veteran’s Memorial Bldg.

401 Van Ness Ave.(opposite City Hall)
San Francisco
(3 blocks from Civic Center BART)

register GREEN

$10–25 donation (sliding scale)

Sponsored by the Green
Party of Alameda County, the San Francisco Green Party and the Sacramento
County Green Party

For more information:
(510) 644-2293

Jared Ball Prez Campaign open letter

Jared Ball Prez Campaign open letter

An open letter to all Green Party members from the Jared Ball campaign.

Dear Fellow Greens,

We embarked on this campaign which put forward Jared Ball, an African American college professor who was born in Washington D.C. and is a Desert Storm veteran, for the Green Party’s Presidential nomination as an organizing effort to bring in new constituencies to the Green Party. It is our goal to create through the Green Party a political movement that extends across race and class to provide a political voice for the diverse “True American Majority.”

We welcome all other Green Presidential candidates to partner with us in our efforts to grow the Green Party. The 2008 campaign season is our opportunity to show this country the many faces of the Green Party and the vibrant array of ideas that we bring to the table of
determining Americas role in solving the problems of: mass incarceration, world hunger, global warming, quality accessible health care and education, and the creation of just equitable humane economic systems. As candidates working together we will raise the profile of our
campaigns and assure that we have candidates on the ballot in all 51 states.

We invite other Green Party candidates for president to join us in planning joint events with local candidates and activists who are working on anti-war or social justice issues. Together we will create a groundswell of interest in the Green Party and will show the mainstream
candidates for the do nothing corporate shills that they are.

In addition we call out to all Greens asking you to come on board to help your Green Party Presidential candidates get out the word to all Green Party members and beyond. We and all the presidential campaigns need your help to assure that Greens and potential new Greens
are well informed about their choices before deciding which candidate to support. We offer this campaign as an outreach tool, in particular as an outreach tool to Black and Latino communities and need the help of volunteers in each state to make this effort a success. Together we can grow the Green Party and assure that we come out of the 2008 election cycle stronger and better organized than we go into it.

Jared Ball, with DC-based artist and co-campaign manager Head-Roc and their “Capitol Resistance” campaign tour speaking truth to power while upsetting the set up is asking for your support and assistance in bringing us to your area. Schedules are tight and resources
limited so lets get creative and pool our efforts to do regional events. If you would like to plan a Jared Ball “Capitol Resistance” event in your area please contact contact us.


Head-Roc, Co-campaign Manager/Cultural Outreach Coordinator
headroc@jaredball.com headroc at jaredball dot com

Check out our website at :http://www.jaredball.com,

Dr. Jared Ball – seeking the Green Party Presidential Nomination

Jared Ball, seeking the Green Party nomination for President, at today’s New York City Times Square “No Recruitment” campaign near US Army recruitment center. Jared talks about his campaign goals.

Shot and Compressed by
Craig Seeman
Third Planet Video

I heard Dr. Jared Ball speak at the Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of the United States in Reading, PA in July. I was duly impressed and would like to see him get the GPUS nomination for the President of the United States.