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SL Tribune article: Grants foster technology use in Utah classroomsQwest Foundation

The school where I teach (City Academy) is featured in this article.  The photos are from my school –  Tom is in one of them.

Article:  http://www.sltrib.com/business/ci_12014617
Gallery of photos:

Grants foster technology use in Utah classroomsQwest Foundation » Money is
intended to spur innovative teaching.

By Steven Oberbeck

The Salt Lake Tribune

Lara Dean of Lincoln Elementary in Salt Lake City soon will be using a "Smart Board" to help her teach second- through sixth-grade students who are having trouble learning mathematics.

Language arts instructor Colin Haakeson at East High School has secured a digital camera that students learning English are using to create documentary films about ways to improve the school.

Within the next several weeks, Sheila Cody’s and Gareth Orr’s students at City Academy Charter School will be operating a WeatherBug tracking station so they can monitor weather, and feed their data to other schools and a television station.

Similarly, Brenda Hurlburt of Bryant Middle School will be using a classroom set of graphing calculators and temperature probes to aid in the teaching of algebra.
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The weather crisis in the midwest: effects on crops and fuel

Aside from the devastating effects to residents in the midwest from the recent weather causing floods there, crops will be significantly effected this year.

On the heels of a year long rise in corn prices due to the rising cost of crude oil, Corn is now at an all time high and other crops, such as soybeans, are also on the rise. 

Corn prices have shot up more than 80 percent in the past year amid a spike in crude oil prices, a weak U.S. dollar and rocketing demand for food in developing countries like China and India.

Other agriculture futures also climbed Friday, with soybeans nearing all-time highs.

Soybeans for July delivery rose 23.5 cents to settle at $15.60 a bushel on the CBOT, after earlier rising as high as $15.70. Soybeans hit their all-time high of $15.96, reached in March.

Meanwhile, wheat for July delivery gained 31 cents to settle at $8.82 a bushel.

(Associated Press)

It will be interesting to follow the development of this food crisis, particularly since there is a push towards production of alternative fuels using corn.  Will the production of bio-fuels now decrease so that people can be fed?  

(See my earlier post on Growing grain for fuel and meat: There’s something wrong with this picture.)