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The weather crisis in the midwest: effects on crops and fuel

Aside from the devastating effects to residents in the midwest from the recent weather causing floods there, crops will be significantly effected this year.

On the heels of a year long rise in corn prices due to the rising cost of crude oil, Corn is now at an all time high and other crops, such as soybeans, are also on the rise. 

Corn prices have shot up more than 80 percent in the past year amid a spike in crude oil prices, a weak U.S. dollar and rocketing demand for food in developing countries like China and India.

Other agriculture futures also climbed Friday, with soybeans nearing all-time highs.

Soybeans for July delivery rose 23.5 cents to settle at $15.60 a bushel on the CBOT, after earlier rising as high as $15.70. Soybeans hit their all-time high of $15.96, reached in March.

Meanwhile, wheat for July delivery gained 31 cents to settle at $8.82 a bushel.

(Associated Press)

It will be interesting to follow the development of this food crisis, particularly since there is a push towards production of alternative fuels using corn.  Will the production of bio-fuels now decrease so that people can be fed?  

(See my earlier post on Growing grain for fuel and meat: There’s something wrong with this picture.)

Green Party Speakers Bureau

Yesterday I received a call from the Green Party of the United States Media Team which issued an invitation to me to be on the GPUS Speakers Bureau.  I was interviewed on tape last year by the national media team at the GPUS Annual National Meeting in Tucson, AZ.  I also was a speaker at the GPUS Women’s Caucus Press Conference (link to video clip) at the same National Meeting.

I want to accept.  I need more confidence, though.  And I way need more knowledge on issues which I continually strive to do through reading, listening and talking to people. 

Thinking out loud:  I’m not always a confident speaker unless I have a script.  But then what can give me more confidence than just jumping in and doing it?  I am told that I present myself well at events where I give speeches. 

When I ran for Salt Lake County Council in 2006 my issues were varied, but primarily focused on women’s issues and transportation.  I can speak passionately about those issues and want to learn more about those issues so I can serve as a more informed speaker.

I’m inclined, then, to accept.

To be continued…….

Earth Justice


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More gifts

This just in:

The Peace Company has peace gifts in every price range. Here are some features:

As this year draws to a close and our thoughts turn to the holidays and time with friends and family, we ask you to help make the spirit of peace the way we live – everyday. By planting seeds of peace within your heart and sharing them with others, we truly can help make peace more pervasive in our societies.

The Peace Company’s mission is to help make peace the way we all relate to the world. We offer merchandise and educational opportunites to enable anyone to walk the path of peace. Please help spread peaceful possibilities by sharing gifts of peace this holiday.
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Updated Gift Giving Page

I have updated my gift giving page and reorganized it so it isn’t so daunting. Check out
Café à la Green: Socially Responsible and Environmentally Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas.

More on Gift Giving

Jen’s Green Journal has an excellent list and review of places to obtain socially responsible, environmentally friendly gifts for the holidays and other occasions. I have had her link on my Green Cafe Gift Giving Ideas page, but I wanted to highlight Jenni’s in a separate post here.

Jenni offers personal reviews of items she has personally looked into and recommends, something I don’t necessarily have the time to do. So for a more in depth look at gifts you can purchase, visit Jenni’s gift ideas list.

Buy Nothing Day in Rhode Island

Greg Gerritt, a GPUS delegate from Rhode Island, sent out this article on the Buy Nothing Day event there. I had a lengthy conversation about the project with him this afteroon. It’s way cool, a great networking tool and benefits the community. This project has been going on Buy Nothing Day since 1997. It’s got my wheels turning!

Coat giveaway makes its own fashion statement

Buy Nothing Day, held on one of the busiest holiday shopping days, puts the spotlight on area’s needy.
Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE — There were plenty of coats on sale at the Providence Place mall yesterday for 10percent 25 percent, even 50 percent off. But across the street, on the State House lawn, hundreds of people were
getting coats, sweaters, hats and books for an unbeatable price Free.
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The Big Picture: Holiday Madness, Tax Cuts and Budget Surpluses

The “madness” is the priorities.

The Associated Press has published someFacts and Figures on Holiday Spending:

  • On average: U.S. households are expected to spend an average of $466 on gifts during the holiday season, down from last year’s estimate of $476.
  • Big Spenders: Households whose incomes top $50,000 intend to spend $657 for holidaygifts.
  • Shutterbugs: Digital cameras are the No. 1 technology gift choice.
  • Online: About 34 percent of all consumers will buy holiday gifts on the Internet, up from 33 percent a year ago.
  • Big week: The biggest holiday sales in 2004 were generated Dec. 12-18.
  • Sing along: The holiday song played most frequently in malls last year was “Jingle Bells.”
  • Making time: 39 percent of people surveyed this year will spend time during work hours shopping or doing holiday errands.

    Has anyone noticed that gas prices has plummeted? Funny how this strageically happened now. It will be interesting to see the figures after this holiday season to see the comparison of shopping expenditures.
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  • Buy Nothing Day Action

    See more photos at Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs.

    About 10 people participated in singing anti-consumerism carols at a local shopping center.

    and about half a dozen animal rights activists engage in some clever protesting against retailers of fur clothing.

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    More on the Holiday Hoop-La

    Earlier I wrote on Holidays, Consumerism and Stress.
    As we head into the frenzy of the season, consider the following:

  • Americans spend APPROX. $1,042 on holiday gifts
    (Annual per capita income of a Vietnamese citizen: $280)
  • Average number of months it takes a credit-card user to
    pay off holiday bills: 4
    (57% of consumers plan to pay for holiday purchases with
  • Total U.S. credit-card debt: OVER $600 BILLION
  • Rate at which consumer debt is growing in the United
  • Number of extra tons of trash produced in the U.S. each
    year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day: 5 MILLION
  • Almost 52 percent of women, ages 35 to 54, said their stress levels go up during the holidays. By contrast, 40 percent of surveyed men in the same age bracket said their stress levels increase with the holidays.
  • Folks 55 and over expereince the least increases in stress at the holidays.
  • Forty-seven percent making $15,000 to $30,000 said stress levels increase for them during the holidays.
  • Forty-nine percent of working women with children experience elevated stress levels during the holidays. Forty-eight percent of working women without children expereience higher stress in the holidays. Homemakers, follow at 44 percent.
  • 46 percent from the West experience holiday stress-more than in the Midwest at 43 percent.
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