Green Party Speakers Bureau

Yesterday I received a call from the Green Party of the United States Media Team which issued an invitation to me to be on the GPUS Speakers Bureau.  I was interviewed on tape last year by the national media team at the GPUS Annual National Meeting in Tucson, AZ.  I also was a speaker at the GPUS Women’s Caucus Press Conference (link to video clip) at the same National Meeting.

I want to accept.  I need more confidence, though.  And I way need more knowledge on issues which I continually strive to do through reading, listening and talking to people. 

Thinking out loud:  I’m not always a confident speaker unless I have a script.  But then what can give me more confidence than just jumping in and doing it?  I am told that I present myself well at events where I give speeches. 

When I ran for Salt Lake County Council in 2006 my issues were varied, but primarily focused on women’s issues and transportation.  I can speak passionately about those issues and want to learn more about those issues so I can serve as a more informed speaker.

I’m inclined, then, to accept.

To be continued…….

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