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Protesting The Bejing Olympics

Back in April I was a featured speaker at a rally to protest human rights abuses by the Chinese Government, especially highlighting the Bejing Olympics this year as a year to address those violations and abuses.

As the Olympics in Bejing Opens this weekend, there are protests around the world taking place:

Dissident decries attendance at Games
Hours after returning from a foiled attempt to visit his home country on the eve of the Olympics, Chinese dissident Yang Jianli railed against world leaders participating in the event, particularly President Bush.
“Imagine the situation: The heads of democracies swarmed to Beijing to participate in opening ceremonies which took place under martial law,” said Yang, a Harvard scholar and Brookline resident, pointing to the military presence and the crackdown on critics that preceded the event. “Millions of Chinese troops and police are deployed in Beijing and everybody is suspect now. . . . Beijing has become a forbidden city itself.”
Yang never made it to Beijing. He never even made it out of Hong Kong Airport. Yang, who was released last year after five years in a Chinese prison, was sent home via Japan, where he had been traveling.

Anti-China protests worldwide as Olympics begin

Worldwide protests coincide with opening ceremony: Hundreds of Tibetan activists detained in Nepal

Olympic protests held around the world: Demonstrations take place in cities including London, Hong Kong, Delhi and Kathmandu as opening ceremony begins

Thousands take part in global day of protest as Beijing Games open: Toronto demonstrators demand ‘Free Tibet’; hundreds arrested as exiles rally in Nepal

Protesters try to turn spotlight from Games to human rights

Small pro-Tibet protest pulled off in Tiananmen

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Human rights rally video – counter protestors confront peace walkers

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My speech from human rights rally

More video from human rights rally

From the Human Rights Rally on Sunday, April 20:
Confrontation at the rally site

Human Rights Rally – Confrontation

Confrontation between both sides of China/Tibet issue, April 20, 2008, Salt Lake City

Human Rights Torch Relay Rally Event

Despite biting northwest winds with extreme wind chill factors, about 150 people came out for the Human Rights Torch Relay Rally today. A peace walk occured around Salt Lake city, followed by a rally with speakers. There was supposed to be music, but it was so cold that the program was cut short. I got to deliver my speech, but I cut it very short due to the temperatures.

The event did not go without incident. “Counter-protestors”, most likely bussed in to SLC and all cities along the route, supporters of the Chinese government, appeared along the peace walk route. I will be posting videos as I get them uploaded to portray what I cannot convey in words.

Here are some photos:
Chinese Government Supporters:

Human Rights Advocates

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