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Human rights rally video – counter protestors confront peace walkers

Human rights rally video – end of peace walk

More video from human rights rally – peace walk

My speech from human rights rally

More video from human rights rally

From the Human Rights Rally on Sunday, April 20:
Confrontation at the rally site

Human Rights Rally – Confrontation

Confrontation between both sides of China/Tibet issue, April 20, 2008, Salt Lake City

Human Rights Torch Relay Rally Event

Despite biting northwest winds with extreme wind chill factors, about 150 people came out for the Human Rights Torch Relay Rally today. A peace walk occured around Salt Lake city, followed by a rally with speakers. There was supposed to be music, but it was so cold that the program was cut short. I got to deliver my speech, but I cut it very short due to the temperatures.

The event did not go without incident. “Counter-protestors”, most likely bussed in to SLC and all cities along the route, supporters of the Chinese government, appeared along the peace walk route. I will be posting videos as I get them uploaded to portray what I cannot convey in words.

Here are some photos:
Chinese Government Supporters:

Human Rights Advocates

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