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Cynthia McKinney’s TV ads on the Issues

Single Payer Health Care

View the rest of Cynthia’s tv ads:
Sustainable Investment instead of Corporate Bailouts
Green Values – Grassroots Democracy, Peace Social Justice, Environmental Wisdom
Green Party Seat At The Table will invite the Public
Constrained by the Two Party Paradigm
Restore Our Constitutional Rights
Rebuild the Economy with Energy Efficient Cars
Bring All The Troops Home
Katrina survivors right of return
Oppose Africom

Shot and edited by Don Debar

Protesting the Corporate Debates

Green Party Watch has some good ideas to Protesting the Debates in this last month before the elections. Comments to the post also offer some good ideas.

Lets Get Out

Lets Get Out – Song sung by Lauryn Hill



Yes it is socialism at last. America, the great free enterprise, every man for himself, empire has at last gone and dumped capitalism. Socialism has now taken hold in the USA!

At least for the rich it has. Yes we now have socialism for the rich in America – and capitalism for everyone else.

The old saw that business has to make it on its own is now history. Start a bank and if it is nearing collapse, no problem. The government will bail you out.

Lost you job because the corporation is closing the plant and moving overseas where cheaper labor can be found? Tough luck Jack – you are on your own.

It’s called a revolution! You wanted revolution, well you got it. Revolution for the rich.

Aye, it’s a return of feudalism. Back to the days of the lords and masters. And the serfs in their crumbling villages at the bottom of the hill.

Feudalism, the 21st century variety. But this time every peasant gets a car and a TV. That’s if you can afford to put the gas in it or pay the cable bill.

So just keep your mouth shut and get in line.

Remember, if we don’t treat the rich with respect they won’t invest their money and create jobs for us.

All hail the lords of Wall Street.

Bow to the masters of diaster.

On your knees you!!!!!
Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 443-9502
http://space4peace.blogspot.com (Blog)

Artspace Resident Locked Out; Lawyer is medically incapacitated

Recently I have posted pieces on A Cup of Joe Coffee Shop and tenants in the Artspace Building in Salt Lake City being ousted from their space. Even more recently the Salt Lake City Weekly had a feature article on the issue.

Here is the latest news, as written to me from a person who has been involved in this from the beginning.

John Fitzen, an outspoken member of the Artspace Tenants Association
had a court date this morning. His attorney Kent Fillmore, who has
been representing the residents pretty much for free, suffered a
seizure last week and was hospitalized. He was in the hospital again
on Monday. On Monday he filed a request with the court to postpone
the hearing today because of his incapacity. He spoke with the court
recorder directly. This morning, he called the attorney for the
prosecution, Kirk Cullimore, told him he was going back into the
hospital today, and asked to postpone the hearing. Mr. Cullimore said
no. Mr Fitzen, his wife and 7 year old daughter have been locked out
of their apartment without so much as a change of clothes.

Mr Fitzen had been in touch with the ACLU on Monday, knowing of Mr.
Fillmore’s incapacity, but they have not yet been able to work on the
case. We have called Luke Garrott, the City Council member for the area.

Readers, please contact Luke Garrott:

801.535.7651 (FAX)
801.535.7654 (Comment Line – 24 hour voice mail)


Massive house arrests and detentions of activists and media have been occuring in Minneapolis during the RNC.  Please do what you can to speak out!
Power to the People!
If you have a spare minute today or tomorrow, would you please pick up the phone and help the people that are being rounded up by calling Mayor Coleman?:
We are asking the public to contact the office of St. Paul, Mayor
Chris Coleman at 651-266-8510 to stop this house arrest, this gross
intimidation by police officers, and the detention of media activists
and reporters.
Feel free to pass that number 651-266-8510 out to all of your friends around the country that might have time to file a complaint with the mayor. 

          *            *            *            *             *            *           *             *             *
As we go about our important business today at the March on the RNC, let’s also remember those that can’t be with us on the streets.
Viva La Lucha!
Heidi  Sheen
VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE:  McKinney/Clemente 2008  (www.votetruth08.com)

Cup of Joe Will Open – Temporary New Home

This report is offered by A Cup of Joe Events Coordinator, Eileen McCabe:

Rosemary Winters of the Salt Lake Tribune called both Kristy and I yesterday and posted the following article:


The Office Manager for Evergreene saw the article yesterday when a shorter version was posted, saw the quote “I?ve got food rotting in there,” and called Kristy to arrange a time for her to move everything out.  So Kristy will be spared the hassle of waiting for a court motion to go through its channels, taking perhaps 2 weeks. Kristy is trying to work out the logistics and it will probably be in the next couple of days. 

The second piece of good news is that Bob Evans of Rimini Coffee, Sugarhouse Coffee and Café Marmalade, who has been enormously supportive of Kristy, has offered for her to set up shop in Baxter’s Café at 1615 S. State, for either a short or long-term arrangement.  For starters, she will have full weekends starting 6PM on Friday, since Baxter’s currently is not open on weekends. She may take over the entire lease from Baxter’s. I visited Baxter’s last night, and am very optimistic.  The space is only slightly smaller that the Artspace space, it has wonderful lighting and acoustics and a friendly aura. It also has a patio out front, and lots of lawn (anyone care to run through the sprinklers?)

Poetry is back on for Saturday night!!! Same time (8:30), new place, 1615 S. State St, on the east side of the road between the high school and the community college.  There is a huge billboard on the south side of the front parking lot that has an enormous motorcycle and 100 MPH in huge letters.  The front parking lot is very small, so park in the community college parking lot.

With that in mind, as Kristy’s event’s coordinator, I’d like to invite everyone to bless the new space and participate in the grand opening of “A Cup of Joe 2.0.”  Kristy has already booked music for Friday night, a group she had booked for the old space for the same date.

Cup of Joes goes on because of the hearts and souls of those who have shared its energy.  As I said in the article, we go on because of our community, regardless of the physical space we occupy.

Please forward this noticel far and wide, call or text folks who do not have email, or who access it infrequently.  We will also post a sign on the doors at Artspace.

A Cup of Joe: Shut Down by Corporate Landlords

A few weeks ago the peace calendar included a story about A Cup of Joe coffee shop in Salt Lake, a place where members of the activist community have been able to gather and hold events, and about the landlords threatening to evict it and other tenants from the Artspace building.


Since then, the inevitable has occured – A Cup of Joe is currently shut down, having been locked out by the landlords with its assets inside.

Below is an account and update from Eileen McCabe who is working closely with the owner of A Cup of Joe in this situation.  Please consider doing anything you can in support of this situation – a letter, a protest, a check to help cover expenses.  Contact info@utahpeace.org if you can do anything.  Most of all, please stand up to injustices that result in things like this happening in our own community.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the show of solidarity and protest against Artspace on Saturday night. I am so moved by the outpouring of emotional support that has driven the poets to compose new work about Cup of Joe, including my 14 year daughter, and 10 year old son.  My son performed for the first time on Saturday.  Misty River graciously provided sound equipment and her keyboard, and came up with the idea and supplies for the signs that literally stopped traffic. There were more than 50 people present, numerous newcomers, and we were able to educate numerous passers-by about the issues, and distribute flyers with Artspace and Evergreene contact information. $58 was taken in in merchandise sales, and Kristy graciously donated her share to the poets leaving for Madison for Slam Nationals.

We are all part of something larger than Cup of Joe.  We are discovering and deciding in our hearts what is important to us, and what we want in our communities.  Further, some of us have spoken up for the first time in our lives.  Once that threshold, that tipping point towards standing up and being counted has been crossed, a voice in the wilderness will never be silenced.  We are many voices, with newly found power.  Whatever happens with the locked doors at Cup of Joe, we are a community that will continue to exist and flourish, regardless of the  walls that temporarily shelter us.

It was disappointing that only 1 media outlet showed up on Saturday.  The Deseret News posted a short two paragraphs on the event.  Since they did not provide a story with the photos,  provide the story ourselves with our comments to the article.   I’ve included my own comments.  Those of you that took photographs, please provide links to your own photographs, so that the public has a chance of seeing the real story.

Here is another tool, provided to us, ironically by the slum-lord attorney that authorized changing the locks; the name, address, phone number and email contact info for the attorney himself.  Please contact him to express your opinion of his actions.

Kirk E. Cullimore
644 East Union Square
Sandy, UT 84070
801-571-6611 – phone
801-571-4888 – fax

Here’s a web address with a way to contact him by email

Kristy is in court, even as I write, and working on her next steps.  Send good energy out to her, and I will send out an update when I hear back from her.

This isn’t over, not by a long shot!


I called 10 media outlets early Saturday afternoon telling them of this event.  While I am very grateful to the Deseret News for sending a photographer to this event, given the 4 hours that the photographer was present for the event, shooting protesters holding signs, poets performing and writing, I am disappointed that the Deseret News chose to post only 2 photographs.  Given the impact of this issue to the neighborhood, and the legal ramifications of the landlord’s actions, I hope that more expansive coverage of the issue is forthcoming.  The closure on Saturday morning was not due to economic woes, but to the landlord taking advantage of a court error in a hearing filing.  The business equipment of Cup of Joe has been illegally impounded, and the owner is being prevented from earning a living. The owner, Kristy Gonzalez is in court as I write.

Update from court today:
Hi Everyone,

I just got off the phone with Kristy, and Fillmore, her attorney.

They have another hearing on August 19, on the “order of restitution” which deals with the money Kristy has paid to the court for the landlord, and with the bonds she has posted.  There was no action today on  re-opening the doors.

Fillmore is planning on filing a motion to allow Kristy back in to retrieve her property.  This could also take 2 weeks to be processed.  In the meantime, food is spoiling inside, Kristy is being denied the right to earn her living, and her taxes still have to be paid.

It has been suggested that the next step to expedite action on letting Kristy in to retrieve property is to picket the places of business of the members of the board of Artspace, as well as continuing to picket outside Cup of Joe.  These would include the Mark Miller car dealerships, Xmission, as well as the half dozen banks that provide funding to Artspace.  We could also picket the attorney for Evergreene and the Evergreene office.

If you would be interested in doing picketing, please let me know, and we can start to schedule shifts.  Both the rush hours are the best times.

When the doors are finally opened to let Kristy get her property, we will need folks to help with the moving.  This will probably be late in August;  I will send details as they come.

Thank you all for your love and support of Kristy during this difficult time.  In lieu of shopping at Cup of Joe, please give support to the other indy coffee shops in town, such as Addicted, Alchemy, Sugarhouse Coffee, Nostalgia, NoBrow and Cafe Marmalade, the temporary home for Salt City Slam.

Property Manager in Salt Lake City attempting to oust residents, local business

The Artspace building has long been a place where artists have been able to reside and work in Salt Lake City on meager incomes. Housed in the building is the local coffee shop A Cup of Joe, which has been open to the artist and peace communities and other progressive groups, opening its doors to events for these groups at little or no cost.

Many of the tenants of Artspace including A Cup of Joe are facing extreme, intolerant and likely illegal action by the new management company Evergreen Management Company. Some section 8 tenants are being told they owe additional money because there is a “problem with their paperwork,” but are not being told what the problem is, or how they can resolve it. Others, including A Cup of Joe, who have had trouble making their rent are not being allowed, per the terms of their leases, to make payment plans. The management company is refusing to return calls from tenants, and summarily turning accounts over for legal action.

Not only is this creating additional financial burden for the tenants, it is emptying the building of artists who form the core of the avant-garde arts community of Salt Lake City. In addition, it is threatening the existence of A Cup of Joe, the anchor of the spoken word poetry community and Salt City Slam, and an important gathering place for progressive groups. Kristy Gonzalez, the current owner, has in particular, reached out to the community and provided a performance space for music and comedy groups, avant-garde theatre, the peace sign birthday party, a memorial service for Sister Maryam Mohammed who was an active artist and musician in our community. Kristy has encouraged the collaging of the tables by community groups, is a pickup point for a Community Sustainable Agriculture farm, a member of the People’s Market and Buy Local First Utah. She has provided space for People for Peace and Justice, local artists and musicians, Guardian Angels, Queer Spirit, the Nine Muses Project. While Joe’s has been near and dear to our hearts for years, Kristy has done so much in the year and a half she has owned Joe’s to make it truly a foundation of the community. We are in danger of losing Joe’s.

What can we do? There are legal costs to be met, and possibly a rent shortfall. Kristy and the other tenants have legal and publicity help at the moment. What Kristy needs is more customers, and community awareness of the problem of losing locally-owned, community-dedicated businesses. Here’s what we can do:

**Talk up Cup of Joe whenever you can.

**Eat and drink at Joe’s as often as you can. Highly recommended are the crepes and the ice cream.

**If you sponsor a community group that has benefited from Joe’s generosity in the past, consider a donation to help them out.

There will be a “marathon community gathering” on July 18 and 19 at Cup of Joe with poets, musicians, artists and local businesses. Details will be published here as soon as they are available.

A Cup of Joe is located at 353 West 200 South in Salt Lake City.

The health care saga: Getting quotes for insurance

Recently my employer decided to explore other options for health insurance for its employees.  To do this, every employee had to complete an insurance application.

Now, this application wasn’t short and sweet.  In fact, it was the same type of application that one has to complete when signing up for an already established insurer of a company.  I was so annoyed by the prospect of having to fill out my entire health history, and that of each family member, just for a quote, that I refused to complete the 2nd part of the application where I had to supply dates and the current status of certain items.

Well, that got thrown back in my face.  Not by my employer, but by the company from which  the group insurance quote was being sought.  They told my employer that if I refused to complete the application, the quote they would give would be the highest and not based on a group rate.  In other words, Dee’s application was holding up the process.

How bogus!

I was faced, then, with a dilemma:  Continue to refuse to supply the information and thereby prevent a possible lower quote from an insurance company for the rest of my colleagues or supply the information (supposedly protected by HIPAA) and now let a company that won’t necessarily be our new insurance company have all my sensitive information?

Begrudgingly, I chose the latter of the two options.

This is just another example of how our health care system controls everything out our health care decisions.  Citizens of the  U.S. are definitely in a trap – and thus the large numbers of them going without insurance, mostly not by choice.

Something’s gotta change.