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My grandson will be born in Maryland

Carmen was in Maryland the same time we were last month. She is back in Utah now and she and my son have decided to have her move there with him. I think it’s for the best, actually, but I will miss her and miss going to doctor’s visits. The bright side is now I will still get to go visit my family for Christmas and hopefully be there when the baby is born (due date is December 24).

Today’s visit

I met Carmen at her obstetrician’s office today. It was fun! We still cannot hear the heartbeat since she is only a little over 8 weeks along. So we made another “nurse” appointment for two weeks from today to hear the heartbeat.

I can’t wait!

Going to the obstecrician this Wednesday

I’m going with Carmen to the doctor this Wednesday. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time! We are hoping to hear the heartbeat.

Carmen came to see me on Saturday and brought me the loveliest bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day!

Photo of me and Carmen

Carmen called me today and said she was off work early and she’d like to come visit. So she did! We had a great talk.

Here is Carmen with me today in front of my house:

Scare today

I got a call that Carmen was in the E.R. today with horrible abdominal pain. Of course I thought the worse about the baby.

The baby is fine, though. It appears the Carmen has a cyst on her ovary (this is the week for ovarian cysts in my family!) that is causing her pain. It’s really tiny and she’s been told she will just have to put up with it until after the baby is born. Poor thing!

The good news is that it has been determined through an ultrasound at the E.R. that Carmen is 6 weeks 4 days along and while the heartbeat couldn’t yet be detected, it could be seen – amazing! The aniticipated due date is December 24! What a holiday it will be!

New Communities

I have recently created two new communities:

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I have created this community:

The Art of Grandparenting