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Taking a deep breath and starting again.

Sometimes life happens in ways that interrupt everything.

I have not been posting much in recent months due to events in my life that brought things to a screeching halt so that I could focus on what needed to be addressed.

Now that 2010 is nearly over I am taking a deep breath and gearing up to dive back in to what I love- blogging.

My New Year’s resolution is to read and write more than I did in 2010.  If "stuff" happens in my life again I know that I will have the resolve to deal with the hand being dealt, step back to regroup, and jump back in again.  It’s my nature.

So look out 2011, here I come!

Utah Legislature Watch

Green Jenni and I have created Utah Legislature Watch to focus on specific Utah Legislature news and items.

Utah Legislature Watch is dedicated to news and opinion regarding Utah’s Legislature and lawmakers.  News feeds will provide the latest headlines and posts will offer insights and opinions on lawmaker’s activities.

Patterned after Utah’s most widely read political blog, ONE UTAH, we hope this will blog will provide a compliment to ONE UTAH , inspiring people to engage in frank and honest discussion about what Utah’s Legislature is doing and how effectively lawmakers are serving their constituents.



Please remember to read my Friend’s page:


Where I have lots of feeds from all over providing news, coverage, and articles of various events and issues, including the DNC, RNC, and Green Party News.

Birthday hiatus

To the mountains, out of the 101 degree heat! Back Sunday!


I’ve been out of the state since July 15th and unable to blog. I”ll be back to blogging soon. For Green Party News, be sure to check out these two blogs:

Green Party Watch
Green Pages

Female Blogger Contest

Women's Voices. Women Vote.
In celebration of Women’s History Month, Women’s Voices. Women Vote is honoring women in the blogosphere, through our Women’s Voices Making History contest.

We’re inviting people to nominate their favorite female bloggers through March 21. After the nominating period, we will list the top 10 female bloggers at www.wvwv.org and ask you to vote for your favorite.

Check out the form and vote for your favorite blogger today, and encourage your readers to do the same. We’ve created a button for your site that will take your readers directly to the voting form.

Click here to nominate your favorite female blogger today!

Thank you-

Sarah Johnson
Communications Director
Women’s Voices. Women Vote

Back online

Live Journal experienced some significant problems that prevented me from posting for several days.  I have responded to the comment on my post on school vouchers (below) and will now continue posting on this journal!

EarthPortal.org Announced Today, Launching Tomorrow!

Dear Friends,

A dream has finally come true.  After four years of hard work, the first of what will someday be thousands of the most trustworthy, educational portals on the Web, is about to launch. It will be free of corporate/commercial bias, and FREE to the public forever!

http://earthportal.org is the result of 650 of the world’s top scientists in 49 countries (so far) coming together to produce the highest quality, non-commercial, non-profit resource for information about our planet anywhere in the World.

Please go there and enjoy the vision video announcing the official launch this Friday.

The portal will be previewed in a press conference in Washington DC at the Press Club beginning at 1 p.m. EST today featuring Jane Goodall (by video) , Robert Corell, and Ambassador Richard Benedick among others.

And after the launch tomorrow, please go back and  register there to show your support for this breathtakingly ambitious effort.

Our children deserve no less. Our planet deserves no less.

Please also pass this on to everyone you know who cares about science, the environment, education, truth, knowledge…

The Earth Portal is a non-commercial destination on the Web for news, learning and debate about the state and future of our environment. There will never be any advertising on Digital Universe websites and it will always be free.

The Earth Portal will facilitate the emergence of a new community to emerge, directly connecting educators, scientists, journalists, policy makers and you.

Join us and bring your children on April 27th (tomorrow) at http://EarthPortal.org.

This is a project of:
The Digital Universe
ManyOne Networks
Salt Lake City Office

You may also view the Vision Video at:

YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zgqTTNzOY10

Google: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2250726429896198491&hl=en


I may not be posting as much this week as I will be traveling to visit family and my newborn grandson!
(Be sure to check out my Progressive Grandparents Journal.)

Happy christmaramadakwaanzakuhstice to the everyone in the blogosphere!

Common Circle

I recently joined Common Circle, which has as its tag line, “Redefine civilization, one action at a time”.

We envision a world based on the 10 key green movement values: grassroots democracy, social justice, equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, non-violence, decentralization, community-based economics, economic justice, feminism and gender equity, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, future focus and sustainability.

Powered by a mix of solar/wind energy and pure love, Common Circle exists to help support the movement. Another world is possible. We must bring it about. It is up to us, and only up to us. Let us together redefine the world, one action at a time.