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Green Guide

November 15, 2006

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Can video games change the world? Not likely, but a few can point you in the right direction. Here are a few of our Top Product Picks for video and computer games that aim to do a little more than entertain.


If factory farming and animal cruelty issues have you steering clear of traditional turkey this year, try serving a locally and humanely raised bird, or a meatless alternative. Read on for tips and resources.


Treat your holiday guests to a hearty meal with careful planning and a little advance preparation. Start with these recipes, including Spiced Carrot and Orange Soup.


With a few common-sense tips, you can reduce your risk of foodborne illness this holiday season. Here are a few ways to make sure your meals are prepared safely.

The average American uses 50 pounds of tissue paper per year, and that equals a lot of trees. See our Tip of the Week for forest-friendly, recycled tissue options.



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Common Circle

I recently joined Common Circle, which has as its tag line, “Redefine civilization, one action at a time”.

We envision a world based on the 10 key green movement values: grassroots democracy, social justice, equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, non-violence, decentralization, community-based economics, economic justice, feminism and gender equity, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, future focus and sustainability.

Powered by a mix of solar/wind energy and pure love, Common Circle exists to help support the movement. Another world is possible. We must bring it about. It is up to us, and only up to us. Let us together redefine the world, one action at a time.


While city councils are being subject to hearing resolutions from private think tanks on “natural” families, Salt Lake City’s new domestic partners benefit plan has attracted more than two dozen employees to enroll in the program.

Despite the efforts of some folks who are suing Mayor Rocky Anderson over the legality of this plan, the mayor’s administration is pushing the plan forward to offer these benefits.

Kudos to this administration for speaking out and standing up for “family” benefits for all who declare for themselves what their “natural” family is.

“Natural” Family?

Today’s Salt Lake Tribune has an article on a proposed resolution by the conservative Sutherland Institute urging mayors and councils to declare the “natural” family as the fundamental unit of society.

Here is what is in the resolution presented to by Paul T. Mero, President of the institute:

The document calls for cities to “envision a local culture” that:

  • “Upholds the marriage of a woman to a man, and a man to a woman, as ordained of God.”
  • “Celebrates the marital sexual union as the unique source of new human life.”
  • “See[s] our homes as open to a full quiver of children.”
  • “Envisions young women growing into wives, homemakers and mothers;
    and . . . young men growing into husbands, home builders and fathers.”
  • I would like to know who exactly defined what a “natural” family is. Hmmm….could it be the heterosexual men who wrote the christian bible, have been at the helm of all empires, and have served in dictatorships in nations and cultures since the beginning of human existence?

    This resolution clearly violates the rights of all people regardless of their view of a “natural” family. It is a slap in the face to women, gays, and people who practice religions other than Christianity. Additionally, in my opinion, it is a resolution designed by a right-wing organization to merge policy making with certain religious values.
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