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Cynthia McKinney Speaks in Denver Colorado, before DNC

Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney speaks at the R-eCreate ’68 rally outside the DNC on Sunday, August 24, 2008.

Part 1 Colorado Green Party Denver DNC Controversy

Protesting in Denver (DNC)

I’ve been hearing so many rumors and bits of information about the two organizing groups in Denver (See my post here), that I”m not sure what’s what anymore.

I am not going to retract my posts because I feel I’ve provided information from the two groups’ websites for my readers to be informed about each one of their missions. However, I will state here that I’m a little suspicious about all the hoop-la and wonder what is being done on purpose to disrupt versus clear disagreement in philosophies and making a big deal out of it.

Also, I do know for a fact that some Colorado Greens are/were making attempts to take Cynthia McKinney off their ballot – not fair in my opinion. However, these same Greens, who are hard working and dedicated to the peace movement, are willing to enter into mediation internally in the GPUS.

My sincere desire is to know that all goes well in Denver and that big noises are made to advocate for peace and that the media covers it. A lot of folks have been working hard for a long time to make this happen, including our Green friends in Denver.

Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente at the DNC

It appears that Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente will be participating with both groups at the DNC the last week of August. They are scheduled to speak at the ARD event and to march with the R68 group.

Regardless of varying philosophies of protesting by both of these groups, this is the RIGHT thing for McKinney/Clemente to do. It is disingenuous of the Colorado Greens or anyone else to denounce any individual or group who choose to participate with one group or the other, or both groups.

This is a PEACE movement – HEL–LOOOOO!. The more folks involved to stand up against the injustices in our world the better. The more factionalism that occurs, the more the right-wingers (I include the Democrats in that) smile because the progressive movement will never move forward with all this controversy. Don’t you see? It’s exactly what they want!

So to all those attending the DNC protests – cut the crap and just do what you need to do to speak out! Just do it! Do it for those of us who cannot be there! Do it for all life that suffers on our planet!

R68 and The Alliance for Real Democracy – the scoop

The controversy continues over the “movement of resistance and protest” at this year’s DNC in Colorado.
I’ve been reading an lot of commentary and articles in Green circles and blogs about this, and here is what I have gleaned so far.

The two major groups involved in organizing protests at the DNC are Recreate ’68(R68) and the Alliance for Real Democracy(ARD).

It seems the entire controversy surrounds philosophies of non-violent vs. violent resistance, with R68 supporting more non-pacifist type resistance than the ARD (see more below on their respective philosophies). One of the key values of the Green Party is non-violence. So there are Colorado Greens who vehemently have denounced the R68 over their philosophy of civil resistance and have allied themselves with the ARD. (Not to mention that they are hastily attempting to take McKinney off the ballot line there because she is speaking at the R68 event in addition to the ARD event. Not a good move for Green politics).

Now I’ve also read claims that the ARD is very co-opted and includes member organizations such as Code Pink which is said by some to be pro-Democrat and gives the cold-shoulder treatment to the Green Party.

The schedule for the Alliance for Real Democracy has released their schedule of events which I found at Slapstick Politics.

You can read more at:
Green Party Watch
On the Wilder Side

I have posted some things below from both the R68 and ARD websites on their principles and issues. Note that R68 does not openly advocate violent resistance, however if you read between the lines, they support the actions of those who choose that method. The ARD openly does not condone any type of violent resistance.

About R68 (from its website):
R68 agrees with the proposition, POTESTAS IN POPULO, “all power comes from the people.” What stands between the people and power are the party machines. The parties were devised as a means to represent the people. Today they represent nobody, not even party members, but only party bureaucracy. The people have been left without appropriate institutions for their representation. We intend to create those institutions!
Statement of Non-Violence and Principles
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Update on Colorado Green Party/DNC issue

It looks like there is going to be a mediation process initiated with the greens in Colorado. Hopefully this will yield favorable results. I will post here what happens.

Controversy in Colorado over DNC activities

On the Wilder Side has nicely posted, with references to Green Party Watch’s article, about the controversy happening over the Green Party of Colorado’s unhappiness with the McKinney/Clemente campaign’s participating with recreate68. The controversy seems to be hinged on approaches to demonstrating and the possible compromise of the key value of non-violence.

The Colorado Green Party is so upset over McKinney’s participation with the recreate68 folks, who advocate civil disobedience as part of their activities in disrupting the DNC, that they are attempting to take McKinney off their ballot line.

So there are two things here for me:

First, as pointed out on On the Wilder Side’s blog, we are all peace activists desiring the same outcome – speaking out against injustices and calling the Dems on their BS. Yes, the approaches vary, but hey. These are desperate times calling for desperate measures. I personally advocate non-violent civil disobedience.

Second, how unfair of the Colorado Greens, as one fellow Green has put it, strip away the rights of the Colorado voters by taking McKinney off their ballot line? McKinney has been voted in as the Green Party Presidential Candidate and she needs to be on all ballot lines where there are ballot lines.

I support the Colorado Greens in speaking out about their disagreements with other groups and with the McKinney campaign’s actions, however I do not agree with the actions they are taking – it just contributes to the already existing factionalism that exists in the party. Just when there has been more unity on issues than ever in the GPUS (in my observation).

I sincerely hope that all involved parties can come together and discuss this and come to some terms of agreement – even if it is to disagree and move on with respective activities at the DNC – but please do not remove McKinney/Clemente from the ballot line in Colorado!