Controversy in Colorado over DNC activities

On the Wilder Side has nicely posted, with references to Green Party Watch’s article, about the controversy happening over the Green Party of Colorado’s unhappiness with the McKinney/Clemente campaign’s participating with recreate68. The controversy seems to be hinged on approaches to demonstrating and the possible compromise of the key value of non-violence.

The Colorado Green Party is so upset over McKinney’s participation with the recreate68 folks, who advocate civil disobedience as part of their activities in disrupting the DNC, that they are attempting to take McKinney off their ballot line.

So there are two things here for me:

First, as pointed out on On the Wilder Side’s blog, we are all peace activists desiring the same outcome – speaking out against injustices and calling the Dems on their BS. Yes, the approaches vary, but hey. These are desperate times calling for desperate measures. I personally advocate non-violent civil disobedience.

Second, how unfair of the Colorado Greens, as one fellow Green has put it, strip away the rights of the Colorado voters by taking McKinney off their ballot line? McKinney has been voted in as the Green Party Presidential Candidate and she needs to be on all ballot lines where there are ballot lines.

I support the Colorado Greens in speaking out about their disagreements with other groups and with the McKinney campaign’s actions, however I do not agree with the actions they are taking – it just contributes to the already existing factionalism that exists in the party. Just when there has been more unity on issues than ever in the GPUS (in my observation).

I sincerely hope that all involved parties can come together and discuss this and come to some terms of agreement – even if it is to disagree and move on with respective activities at the DNC – but please do not remove McKinney/Clemente from the ballot line in Colorado!

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