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Getting Rid of Draconian Ballot Access Laws

There are many states in the U.S. where it is nearly impossible for parties other than the one major party (Republicrat) to get on the ballot, denying voters their choice of candidates.

This needs to change.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania has put together this video to promote legislation in PA on Ballot Access – The Voters Choice Act:

McKinney/Clemente on the Ballot in over 30 states so far, not including write-ins

Shamelessly stolen from Green Party Watch

What is the current state of Ballot Access?

September 8th, 2008

Greens and McKinney supporters across the nation want to know which states the McKinney/Clemente ticket will be on the ballot and where they will be write-in candidates.

At Ballot Access News the chart shows the McKinney/Clemente ticket on in 31 states and DC. In an email to state McKinney campaign coordinators National Party Secretary Holly Hart said that the campaign is on in those 31 states and DC and expects to be on in Vermont as well. With a lawsuit underway in North Carolina, that state party went ahead and set themselves up to conduct a write-in campaign so those votes would be counted in case the suit is not settled before then.

Other states with “official” write-in campaigns include Indiana, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama and Georgia. Missouri, Kentucky and Alaska are likely to have “official” write-in campaigns. Kansas, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut are possible write-in states. Both Idaho and North Dakota fall into the “unsure” category for write-ins, and both Oklahoma and South Dakota will not count our write-in votes.

The good news is, if your state is not in the lists above, McKinney/Clemente will be on your ballot come November!

Cynthia McKinney in Utah

From the September 3, 2008 press conference and media event when Cynthia McKinney came to Utah to file for President of the United States.

Cynthia McKinney Files for President in Utah

Cynthia McKinney filed for President of the United States today in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Utah state capitol building. Here are some photos and other information:

Links to New Items on Cynthia McKinney’s visit:

KCPW Radio:
Green Party Presidential Candidate on Utah’s Ballot

Sep 03, 2008 by Elizabeth Ziegler

(KCPW News) This may be the reddest state in the nation, but Cynthia McKinney just made
it a little greener. The Green Party presidential candidate came to the Capitol Building
this morning to add her name to the Utah ballot. Regardless of her chances of winning the
White House seat, she says it’s important nonetheless for Green candidates to run.

“We believe in our country, and we believe in the value of participating in the political
process,” McKinney says. “We participate in politics because we want our values reflected
in public policy. And to the extent that we can provide voters choice so that the voters
can vote their values, then our system is much stronger, and our country is much
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GPUS SC elections and NC meeting with McKinney

GPUS SC elections and NC meeting with McKinney

Volunteers needed in Utah for petition drive

I am helping with the Utahns for Cynthia McKinney campaign in an effort to get her on the ballot in Utah as an Independent Candidate for President of the United States.

Utah requires 1,000 signatures of registered voters.  We  must complete the drive by August 15th to allow time for certification of the signatures.

We need volunteers.  If 20 people volunteer, each will only have to obtain around 60 signatures. 

If you value choice for voters and can volunteer, please contact me by email – deanna@desertgreens.org.

Thank you in advance!

Utah’s Ballot Access

The Green Party of Utah (Desert Greens) has been working to achieve ballot access.  The deadline was February 15.  Despite several paid petitioners and loads of volunteers, we came close but did not obtain the required amount of signatures to be able to have a ballot line in the 2008 elections.  Therefore the Green Party of Utah will not appear on this year’s ballot.

The Green Party of Utah will still run the GPUS Presidential Candidate in Utah, but as an Independent.  That nominee will be voted on at the GPUS National Meeting in Chicago in July.  After that time we will need to collect 1,000 signatures for that candidate, with the deadline of September.

Although it helps financially and educationally to grow the party with a ballot line, it’s not significantly detrimental at this point in time in Utah, the reddest state in the nation.  There are other ways to get the party’s name and values out in the public.  With new locals being formed and other activities, the Green Party of Utah will continue to work towards rebuilding itself and educating the public on the values upon which its platform is built.