Utah’s Ballot Access

The Green Party of Utah (Desert Greens) has been working to achieve ballot access.  The deadline was February 15.  Despite several paid petitioners and loads of volunteers, we came close but did not obtain the required amount of signatures to be able to have a ballot line in the 2008 elections.  Therefore the Green Party of Utah will not appear on this year’s ballot.

The Green Party of Utah will still run the GPUS Presidential Candidate in Utah, but as an Independent.  That nominee will be voted on at the GPUS National Meeting in Chicago in July.  After that time we will need to collect 1,000 signatures for that candidate, with the deadline of September.

Although it helps financially and educationally to grow the party with a ballot line, it’s not significantly detrimental at this point in time in Utah, the reddest state in the nation.  There are other ways to get the party’s name and values out in the public.  With new locals being formed and other activities, the Green Party of Utah will continue to work towards rebuilding itself and educating the public on the values upon which its platform is built.

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