Teaching and Learning

One of the most rewarding things in my life, besides raising my children, has been my career as a teacher. Despite 23 years experience, I still find joy and excitement in helping students discover the world around them. I have mostly taught adolescents, but my experience ranges from pre-school to senior citizens. I mostly have taught music (and still do), but have also taught technology and special ed math and language arts and study skills.

There are many, many experiences I could share, but I’ll share one humorous one for now. Several years ago when I was teaching special ed language arts, a few of my students presented me with a giant card they had made on the last day of school.

On the outside it read: “Ms. Taylor……”

and on the inside it read (with great color and flare I might add):

“…..You’re the Beast!”

I haven’t stopped laughing over that since. It was cute.

One response to “Teaching and Learning

  1. ROFL…… children will always make you laugh 🙂
    Thank You for Sharing

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