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Granny Vigil Tonight

Here are some photos and a
sound file of my speech
at the vigil tonight, where participants demonstrated in solidarity with the Granny Peace Brigade in D.C. today meeting with senators.

Eileen McCabe reads a poem

Text of my speech:

We are here today to support everyone who is speaking out against the Iraq War –
especially the grandmothers who have stepped forward to take a stand. The Granny Peace Brigade, made up of grandmothers who were arrested last spring at a New York military recruiting station for refusing to leave until they were enlisted, is in Washington D.C. today meeting with Senators to urge them to stop the surge of more troops and to bring the troops currently in Iraq HOME! These grandmothers are an inspiration to Americans who need to be empowered to speak out against this illegal war and occupation – yes, even here in Utah!

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Granny Peace Brigade

Grandmothers  start packing your bags!
On January 18, 2007, we’re going to Washington to restore citizen participation, our civic duty, to the corridors of the United States Congress. It is urgent that we make sure the new Congress hears us. Our immediate demands are to stop the war and end the occupation of Iraq.
The 109th Congress has gone down as one of the worst in our nation’s history. Mired in scandal and corruption, it forged a sinister partnership with the Bush war machine. We must insure that the 110th Congress honors the mandate of the electorate, acts with integrity and restores the basic tenets of our Constitution.

We call upon grandmothers throughout the United States to join with us, the New York City-based Granny Peace Brigade, to descend on the new  United States Senate on Thursday, January 18, to let all 100 Senators know we want them to end this catastrophic war.  We want each of the 100 Senators to be visited by grandmothers from the state that the Senators represent.  We will present  our demands to each  Senator  — in person.

Become a catalyst in your community. Reach out to religious organizations, labor unions, educational institutions, human rights and peace groups, women’s organizations, youth and student groups and put your local press on notice.  Contact us at 212-533-2125, gpbrigade@gmail.com, or via our website www.grannypeacebrigade.org. This must be a national effort.  We owe this to future generations.  It is our civic duty. 
Make January 18, 2007 a historic event.  Restore citizen participation to the corridors of the United States Congress.
Visit our website for organizational tools, press kits and other helpful suggestions. www.grannypeacebrigade.org
The Granny Peace Brigade, New York, New York
P.S. We are aware of the mass mobilization UFPJ is organizing for the weekend of January 27th and we are supporting it wholeheartedly. Our visit on Thursday, January 18th is the beginning of our ongoing campaign for participatory democracy. We are going to stay on top of this 110th Congress both nationally and locally to make sure they follow the mandate of the 2006 election. We need to go to Washington when Congressional offices are open and keep up the pressure.

About to be a Grandma!

Just got the word – my grandson is making his way out into our world! I’ll post here when it’s official.

Grandmothers Letter Writing Campaign

Grandmothers Agains the War has launched a letter writing campaign, in an effort to educate young people on war issues. Sample letters are provided.

We urge all like-minded people – you – (regardless of gender) to write a letter that explores how experiences in your own life have brought you to oppose the current war and occupation. You can address actual children and young people, or imaginary ones, and you are encouraged
to send copies of your letters to friends, relatives, newspapers — to be disseminated widely, above all to The Grandmothers’ Letters Project.