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Malik Rahim: The Results

Yesterday New Orleans held its elections, delayed as a reult of the effects of Hurricane Gustav.  Results of the races can be viewed on The Louisiana Secretary of State’s website and also at WWL Radio‘s website.

Green Party member Malik Rahim ran a strong race despite a media blackout on his campaign. 

Marnie Glickman, Founder and Executive Director of Green Change , and who spearheaded a volunteer phone banking effort, writes:

Our dedicated phone team dialed 2,309 phone numbers, spoke with 334  voters and left messages with 847 households.

With all precincts reporting in, according to information from the above websites, Malik received 3% of the vote, or 1,880 votes.

The news items published to date (see list below) do not mention Malik Rahim’s campaign.  In this particular race, the Democratic incumbent, William J. Jefferson, was defeated by little known lawyer Repulican Anh Cao.  Jefferson’s public career (this would have been his 10th term) was likely affected by his indictment and pending trial on corruption charges.  The NY Times reports that analyses of the race indicate that the Republican win is probably the result of a large white voter turnout:

In heavily white precincts, turnout was about 26 percent, while it was only about 12 percent in the heavily black precincts, said Greg Rigamer, a New Orleans demographer and analyst.

Independent News Sites did post scattered articles on Malik’s race:

"I" Report:  Malik Rahim: Another Candidate in Louisiana’s 2nd District

Other News Items about this Congressional Race in NOLA:

New York Times:   Voters Oust Indicted Congressman in Louisiana

Associated Press Brief

CNN:  Indicted Louisiana congressman loses re-election bid

BBC: Vietnam-born lawyer wins US poll

Politico: Holy Cao: Republican defeats Jefferson

Assorted other links from Google News



A Sad Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the disasterous Hurricane Katrina’s devastation to the gulf coast region of the U.S.

One year later, while the U.S. continues to spend money towards “defense” projects that result in more killing, war and destruction, U.S. citizens are still suffering as a result of the hurricane’s effects from summer 2005. People are still homeless and haven’t received their insurance claims for their destroyed homes while officials in New Orleans, for example, have wiped out homes without homeowners’ permission and have replaced the homes with retail establishments such as WalMart.

We are failing as a country to rebuild communities that need us the most.

Demand accountability from George Bush: Bring our Troops Home NOW~~ALIVE. Take care of our troops when they get home. REBUILD AMERICA: Spend our money on relief for disaster victims, healthcare and infrastructure.

Katrina Aid has failed to reach victims

Today’s Salt Lake Tribune has published an article on financial contributions to helpHurricane Katrina Victims that migrated to Utah that are still being held by Utah’s United Way and American Red Cross Chapters.

While that money is being unspent, the folks that moved to Utah from New Orleans are struggling to make ends meet.