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McKinney results

Still considered "early results" as of this morning:

For Utah (

0.1% 908

(Nader:  0.87% 7,644)

Natonally (http://news.aol.com/elections/2008/president#presResults)

0% 138,330

(Nader:  1% 637,582)

McKinney Leading Nader in Louisiana!

10 pm CST

Mccain 910,476

Obama 539,253

Paul 7,046

McKinney 6,811

Nader 5,490

Baldwin 1,913

Harris 585

LaRiva 278

Amndson 214


Vote Cynthia McKinney for President

In Utah, McKinney/Clemente are on the ballot!  

During her 12 year tenure in the United States Congress, Cynthia McKinney won recognition as an outspoken leader for human rights, an ardent advocate for peace, and a determined worker for justice. She authored legislation to: eliminate federal subsidies for corporations taking jobs overseas; institute a national livable wage; repeal the Military Tribunals Act; eliminate the use of depleted uranium weapons; impeach Bush, Cheney, and Rice.

• End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

• Single-Payer Universal Health Care

• National Living Wage

• Marriage Equality

• Sustainable Energy and Transportation

• Right of Return for Katrina/Rita Survivors

• Debt relief for Workers, Students, and Homeowners

Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente represent the kind of politics we all need to see in our own countr

Here are excerpts of this article posted at Black Looks:

The Green Party Presidential ticket of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente brings something special and unprecedented to U.S. politics. Not only are they the first all women-of-color ticket for President and Vice President with ballot access in most states. These women take racial justice seriously, and have made strides to put gender at the center of a progressive agenda. For these two, it’s more than skin deep.

They’re the Presidential ticket that talks about amnesty for undocumented workers, that opposes guest worker programs as riddled with abuses, because they believe a just immigration reform means addressing the trade and economic policies fueling poverty and migration. They’re the ticket that demands reparations in the form of federal investment in low-income families and communities of color, to end racial disparities in health, housing, education, and incarceration. They call for the right of return for Katrina survivors; an end to prisons for profit, to the War on Drugs. And they speak of reproductive justice – not just the right to abortion, but actual healthcare access; of freedom from coerced or uninformed medication and sterilization.

McKinney and Clemente do not expect to win on Tuesday. Building a movement takes time but it can and will be built along with movements in other parts of the world. Nonetheless I dont support Amee Chew’s suggestion to “support Obama vote McKinney. The time is always right – you cannot delay a struggle which has to begin sometime so why not now. To quote Che “To triumph one must fire the opening shot. And the moment for that has arrived” (My Campaign with Che – Inti Peredo)

In the words of McKinney herself: “We are in this to build a movement. We are willing to struggle for as long as it takes to have our values prevail in public policy.” She reminds us, “Voters in this country are scared into not voting their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations. But in Bolivia and Ecuador and Argentina and Chile and Nicaragua and Spain, and India and Cote d’Ivoire and Haiti, voters were not afraid to vote their hopes and dreams, and guess what. Their dreams came true. Ours can, too.”

The way this campaign has been played out and the failure of the mainstream and progressive media in the US to give any space to McKinney & Clemente is disgraceful. Yet their omission of two women of colour at the expense of the cult like adulation of a man of colour is telling and here lies the truth. This is not about democracy and allowing people to make a choice based on all the candidates not just the chosen two (or four if you want to include their comically stupid side kicks).

The defining moment in American politics is yet to come – a vote for a new political movement as envisaged by McKinney & Clemente will ensure the foundations of this moment begin in the next few days.

Cynthia McKinney Attends Greg Wright’s Execution in Texas

On the day of the October 30th 3rd Party Debate in Cleveland Ohio, Cynthia McKinney could not attend because she was in Hunstville Texas supporting a family about to have a loved one executed. She offered to participate remotely but did not receive consent from Ralph Nader.

McKinney speaks out against the death penalty in the video below as she supported the family of Gregory Wright during his execution in Huntsville Texas. He was executed shortly after 6PM on October 30. There’s evidence that he may have been wrongly convicted of murder.

Why I Am Supporting The Candidacy of Cynthia McKinney

from Feminist Peace Network

A recent think piece in the Washington Post declared that this has been “a transformative year for women in politics.” This pronouncement was based primarily on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s attempt to brand herself as a feminist who happens to hold opinions contrary to traditional feminist values and important changes like women not having to dress like a man to be taken seriously in politics,

“One option women have today is that they don’t have to dress like a man to make it in politics — although the frenzy about Palin’s $150,000 designer shopping spree shows there are limits to what the public will accept.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) makes no bones about favoring Armani suits and Chanel shoes — and has been criticized for it; Clinton has developed a consistent fashionable look with regular hairstyling and St. John suits. Palin, with her long hair, slim skirts and red high heels, is surely the first national female candidate to be called “hot,” as Alec Baldwin did last weekend on “Saturday Night Live.”"

Missing in action in this reductive look at women and the election is any analysis of how this campaign has been business as usual in terms of women’s concerns being reduced to little more than the abortion issue, a point made oh so clear by John McCain’s air-quoting of women’s health as “an extreme pro-abortion” position. Continue reading

Cynthia McKinney’s TV ads on the Issues

Single Payer Health Care

View the rest of Cynthia’s tv ads:
Sustainable Investment instead of Corporate Bailouts
Green Values – Grassroots Democracy, Peace Social Justice, Environmental Wisdom
Green Party Seat At The Table will invite the Public
Constrained by the Two Party Paradigm
Restore Our Constitutional Rights
Rebuild the Economy with Energy Efficient Cars
Bring All The Troops Home
Katrina survivors right of return
Oppose Africom

Shot and edited by Don Debar

David Cobb: McKinney for president

Thanks to The Arcata Eye

David Cobb: McKinney for president – October 28, 2008

David Cobb
Special to the Eye

I am proud to say that I will be voting for Green Party member Cynthia McKinney for President of the United States this year.  

Ms. McKinney is a former member of the United States Congress.  While serving in Congress, she introduced Articles of Impeachment against George Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice.  She supported universal access to health care as a fundamental human right, sponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, and proposed concrete steps to address global climate change.  

While in Congress McKinney also opposed NAFTA, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization.  She voted against funding for the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  She also voted against the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (passed by Clinton, this act led the way to the corporate media monopoly we suffer from today).

In a nutshell, Cynthia McKinney has been a stalwart figure of the Progressive Movement. It is historic that she quit the Democratic Party and joined the Green Party.  Why?

Because she realizes that real systemic change will require a broad and deep social movement linked to a political party rooted in that social movement. And she knows that principled progressives have been sold out and lied to by the corporate-controlled Democratic Party leadership.  

And here is a twisted irony — principled conservatives have been sold out and lied to by the corporate-controlled Republican Party leadership.  

Against that sobering reality, the Green Party stands as the electoral arm of a growing worldwide movement for peace, social justice, ecology, and grassroots democracy.

There are over 150,000 registered Greens in California alone, and over 500,000Greens in the United States.  Despite draconian laws that make it difficult for any alternative political party to appear on many state ballots or to participate in political debates in this country, Greens are running for office across the country.  And we often win.

I am also proud to report that 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Professor Wangari Maathai is a member of the Green Party, helping to found the Green Belt Movement and the Green Party in her native Kenya.  (The corporate media has virtually ignored this important part of Professor Maathai’s biography).

It is also worth remembering that alternative political parties have been responsible for some of the most significant reforms in American history.  Third parties advocated for the abolition of slavery, the forty-hour workweek, women’s suffrage, the creation of the Social Security System, worker’s compensation laws, pure food and drug laws, and the end of child labor.  

Third parties have always been the voice of the people, especially during times when great changes are needed.  So if you want a U.S. foreign policy based on human rights, if you oppose the war in Iraq, if you support a living wage, if you want universal health care for all, please consider registering to vote as a member of the Green Party.

As a registered Green, you vote for peace, social justice, sustainability and grassroots democracy every single day.  How? Because your registration sends a powerful message to elected officials, to the media and to the entire world that you are committed to a fundamental transformation of how our government and our society operates.

And as my last appeal, consider this — in Humboldt County, a vote for Obama is a “wasted” vote.  Why?  Because if every Humboldt resident voted for McKinney (or McCain or Nader or anyone else), Obama will still win the California Electoral College votes.  

So rather than waste your vote, invest it in a long-term vision for real change.
To learn more, or to get involved, visit humboldtgreens.org.

David Cobb was the Green Party candidate for President in 2004 and works for Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County.  He can be reached at (707) 269-0984 or david@duhc.org

Rosa Clemente to be interviewed on Green Party Watch Radio today

Green Party Vice Presidential nominee Rosa Clemente has confirmed her appearance on Green Party Watch Radio today with Gregg Jocoy  from 3 to 3:30 PM EST. To listen live, or later if that is more convenient, simply click here.

Democracy Now – hird-Party Candidates Nader & McKinney Respond to Final McCain-Obama Debate

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Third-Party Candidates Ralph Nader & Cynthia McKinney Respond to Final McCain-Obama Debate
from votetruth08.com
Democracy Now, October 16, 2008

For livestream version or audio: http://www.democracynow.org/2008/10/16/stream

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain met last night for the final debate before the November 4th presidential election, sparring over the economy, tax policy, negative campaigning, trade agreements, abortion and the educational system. As with the other debates, third-party candidates were not invited to participate. We break the sound barrier and hear from Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney and independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader.


Cynthia McKinney, Green Party presidential nominee. Former Democratic congresswoman from Georgia.

Ralph Nader, Independent presidential candidate. He is a longtime consumer advocate and corporate critic.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Senators Barack Obama and John McCain met last night for the final debate before the November 4th presidential election. It was held at Hofstra University on Long Island in New York.

Prior to the ninety-minute face-off, police arrested fifteen protesters in a peaceful demonstration outside the university led by Iraq Veterans Against the War. One veteran, Nick Morgan, was hospitalized after being trampled by a police horse. Video shot at the scene showed Morgan lying on the ground by a pool of blood. The arrests took place less than an hour before Barack Obama and John McCain took the stage.

During the debate, the Iraq war was barely mentioned. The war in Afghanistan never came up. Instead, the two candidates sparred over the government’s plans to rescue the financial system, tax policy, negative campaigning, trade agreements, abortion and the educational system.

AMY GOODMAN: As with the other debates, third-party candidates were not invited to participate. But today on Democracy Now!, we will break the sound barrier by giving some of those candidates a chance to respond to last night’s questions.

Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney joins us in Atlanta, and independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader joins us on the phone. We invited Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr and Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, but they couldn’t join us. So, they will answer the same questions put to the major party candidates.
Continue reading