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Buy Nothing Day Coat Exchange

Last year the Desert Greens held it first Buy Nothing Day Winter Coat Exchange. It was fun and proved to be very meaningful.

This year we held it in a different location.
The 2007 Second Annual Winter Coat Exchange was successful and larger than 2006!
We had about 400 coats donated (up from 100 last year), as well as hats, gloves, and scarves! I was so successful this year that we are considering expanding to two locations for next year.

2007 Event Videos and Photos
Scott Fife Provides Live Entertainment

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Students at Utah High School prevented from hanging Buy Nothing Day Banner

A local high school principal prevented a class of students from hanging a banner for Buy Nothing Day.  Below is a commentary on this by Salt Lake Tribune columnist Paul Rolly.  It appears that this principal values capitalism over the environment and conservation.

Paul Rolly: Red scare at Viewmont High School

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} The advanced placement environmental class at Viewmont High School in Bountiful seems to be succeeding at making some of the school’s best and brightest aware of the need for conservation.
    Just so long as they don’t become Commies.
    RyLee Stowell says she and her fellow A.P. students, as a class project, created banners promoting “Buy Nothing Day,” an environmental alternative to “Black Friday,” which falls on the day after Thanksgiving and is touted by merchants as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.
    “Buy Nothing Day” encourages conservation rather than consumerism on that day.
    But Stowell says when the students wanted to hang the banner on a balcony overlooking the commons area – where dances, programs and other student activities are advertised – they were told that the anti-consumer message would offend sponsors that promote their goods and services throughout the school.
    Principal Scott Tennis, however, says the students were never censored. They were allowed to put their message on bulletin boards throughout the school and displayed their banner in the lunchroom.
    But he was concerned that the students were unclear about what the message was trying to convey – if it was anti-capitalism, pro-socialism, or what?

Utah Nature Conservancy purchases conservation easements on ranch lands

I do not like to see ranchers private livestock grazing in public lands. It actually disgusts me to be driving through our national forests only to see bovines trampling through the streams and destroying plant life.

Hikers and backpackers are warned to not “trample” on cryptobiotic soil (and so you should see me and Tom jumping from rock to rock where possible in such places), yet ranchers are permitted to have their herds of cattle and sheep walk all over the sensitive soil just so they can get food to get fattened up more in preparation for their ultimate demise in the slaughterhouse.

However, I was glad to see in today’s Utah news that ranchers have banded together to allow the Utah Nature Conservancy to purchase conservation easements on their ranches instead of selling off land to developers. The land will reamin open in perpetuity, which is a good thing.

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