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Shoes for Bush action

It warms my heart when people take an event in the news and turn it into action:

SHOES FOR BUSH action "For the widows, the orphans, and those killed in Iraq."

send me your old shoes to take to DC. ALL SHOES DONATED to the needy in the DC/Baltimore area and distributed by the DC Greens

  On January 20th,tens of thousands of people will be gathering to celebrate the Inaugural of President Barrack Obama.It will be a historical marker  and a joyous and celebratory occasion. However, the promise of change, does not mean that we can shut the door, on the past eight horrific years of the Bush administration and wipe clean the images of  shear terror, torture and suffering on the faces innocent Iraqis who have faced death and total destruction of their country. Also, it will not be easy for our own families, like Melida and Carlos Arredondo who have lost their child to an unjust and immoral war. Americans of conscience are grieving for our children and  for those in Iraq. To watch president Bush leave office, unaccountable is like rubbing salt into a wound.

On Monday, January 19th at 11:00 people will be converging at a permitted site near the White House for what may be a cathartic action of hurling a shoe at an image of President Bush. In the spirit of Mutadhar Al-Zaidi and in solidarity with the people of Iraq, we invite you to join us.

If you are will be in town for the Inaugural, bring an extra pair of shoes with you! If you cannot be there with us you can send us your shoes and we will take them to DC in a U-Haul. No Bomb-sniffing dogs at our post office! Unfortunately if you send shoes to the White House they are taken to a remote location and the gesture will be for not.

 We are designating a page  on this web site to post the names of people who are collecting shoes in your area. These people will deliver  the shoes to collection points where those who will be traveling  to DC, by car, will pick bring them up.

Please consider writing notes and putting them in your shoes. We will read them at the  SHOES FOR BUSH event where documentary film maker Scott Hamann will be recording this historic mass action. Artists are invited to be creative if they choose to create a work of art work with their shoes.

ALL SHOES WILL BE DONATED TO THE NEEDY IN THE WASHINGTON/BALTIMORE AREA. A few will be saved for posterity and perhaps we should donate those to the Bush Library.

My appreciation goes out David Swanson for his literary contribution and support as well as to Andrew Lehman, Marcia Bernstein and Dana Simpson for their contribution of web site creation, The Washington Peace Center, the DC Statehood Green Party and my activist friends and organizations in DC who are supporting this mass action.

Jamilla El-Shafei

You too can take a swipe!


From the rawstory

The aim of "Sock and Awe" (www.sockandawe.com), launched by Britain’s Alex Tew, is to knock Bush out with a shoe, a feat already attained by 1.4 million players, according to the website Tuesday.

Aptly named after the US "Shock and Awe" military campaign to knock out Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the game gives players 30 seconds to aim at a figure of Bush ducking behind a rostrum.

It was in protest against the Bush administration’s Iraqi policy that journalist Durgham Zaidi threw both his shoes at the outgoing president Sunday during his swansong visit to the battleground. The action won Zaidi widespread plaudits in the Arab world where Bush’s policies have drawn broad hostility.

Why Impeachment Should Still be on the Table

The Emperor’s New Clothes
(or Bil Kundara* America)
*a threatening remark involving the potential use of a shoe

By Vi Ransel


Our strutting, imperial president
paid his farewell visit to Iraq
where he appeared with puppet, Nouri al-Maliki,
not expecting to find himself under attack.

He stood in front of the world’s TV cameras
and pontificated at a press conference podium
“The work hasn’t been easy, but it’s been necessary” he said,
thus exposing America as the world’s moral colon


with this flippant dismissal of four million refugees
and the destruction of an entire society,
the erasure of the beginnings of Western Civilization
and the taking of more than a million Iraqi lives

by means of his aggressive and illegal war
on a non-threatening, essentially unarmed nation.
And then Bush got as close as he’d ever come
to confronting the reality of one of his failures.

As this genocidal, sociopathic Upper Class Twit
was doing a rhetorical backstroke in Iraqi blood,
he was given a final and fitting tribute
in the universal language of television.

A young, Iraqi journalist introduced him
to one of the Middle East’s most well-known customs
which exposed the indecency of George W. Bush
like Joe Welch did to McCarthy and his Commission.

While world journalists still refuse to ask the questions
which would skewer Bush with his own callous charade,
he stood up and with the courage of his convictions
threw his shoes into George W. Bush’s smug face.

He yelled “Ya kalb!” calling Bush “You Dog!”
treating the occupier to a souvenir of his “victory”,
not a shower of flowers from grateful Iraqis,
but a shower of shoes from Muntather al-Zaidi.


This is the farewell kiss, you dog.
This is a gift from the Iraqis, he went on.
This is from those who were killed in Iraq,
from the injured, the widows and the orphans.

Bush ducked the first shoe and in seconds
Muntather had fired off the other
aimed just above Bush’s head, it hit the American flag,
and brought a whole new meaning to the term “shoe bomber”.

In most Middle Eastern countries, the shoe
is seen as an object of dirt, pollution and disrespect
and can be used to insult or to denigrate someone
and millions the world over share the same contempt

for this miserable, draft-dodging chicken hawk
who’s conducted a War of Terror and stunning atrocities
from the distant safety of his Washington Offal Office
for eight years and made it seem like eternity.

And while protected by billions in military technology,
still he stood exposed, not as emperor, but as fool,
and he proved he was no match for a man without a weapon,
armed with only the truth and two of his shoes.

Overnight Muntather al-Zaidi became
one of the most beloved people on the face of the earth,
and even in America the man who humiliated the president
is more popular than the president himself.

Please go to http://www.uruknet.info and click on either “Sacred Shoe” or “The Hero Who Made Bush’s Head a Playground for His Shoes” to sign a petition for the release of this courageous young man. Thank you. Thanks also to Layla Anwar for the term “bil kundara” and its definiton.

Poet and part-time actor Viola Ransel is a Senior Contributing Editor with CJO.

Kucinich Presents 35 Articles Of Impeachment Against Bush

More photos of Bush Protest

Protestor’s video from Bush protest

Mid day protest of Bush in Salt Lake City, May 28

Photos of Bush Protest – preview

Yesterday about a dozen people came to the venue where Bush held his private luncheon in the Avenues in Salt Lake City.
I have not had time yet to process all the photos and movies I took, but here is one photo as a preview.  I cannot access LJ at my work, so I will be getting the photos up here as soon as I can after work hours.

Pictured below are  Eileen McCabe, Jenni Killpack-Knutsen and Shea Wickelner – we are all in Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs (Utah’s Radical Cheerleaders) together.

Protesting Bush in Salt Lake City

I and several other people got right up to the Stewart’s luxurious home where Bush had
his mid day luncheon fundraiser today.  I am in the brown shirt holding the sign that
says “George ‘War Crimes’ Bush”!

Here is the link:


“Welcome” Bush to Salt Lake City

I was invited to help organize a rally to protest Bush being in SLC on Wednesday.  The organizing is taking place through Rocky Anderson’s non-profit organization, High Roads for Human Rights Advocacy Project.  Although I am happy that some type of event is being held and that Daniel Ellsberg will be a featured speaker, I chose not to continue my participation in organizing that event.  Instead, I and a number of other folks, feeling a need to do something more than just stand around and listen to speakers at a time of day when GW won’t even be around, organized an opportunity for folks to actually make a statement.  Below is the result of our organized response to Bush being in Salt Lake City to raise funds for John McCain at two high priced dinners

If you want to make a statement, attend the mid day protest. 

To listen to speakers and music, attend the evening rally.

Resident Bush and Mitt Romney will be in Salt Lake City Wednesday, May 28 to engage in fund raising for the presidential campaign of John McCain. They will be doing a fund raising luncheon at or near the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake early in the afternoon that day and a more high priced affair at the private home of MItt Romney that evening. The following day Bush plans to meet with LDS officials.

Come out to “welcome” George W. Bush on Wednesday:

Meet Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. at the fountain on the west side of the City/County building at Washington Square (500 South State Street). We will be just a short walk from where the luncheon is supposedly going to be held and we can get set up with signs for the cavalcade’s arrival that way.

If you don’t want to meet – that’s cool too, just show up at the Grand America whenever your intuition tells you would be the most effective time (I’m guessing a little before noon).

Bring signs and your great energy!!
Tell everyone!

There will be another rally at 5:30 at Washington Square with guest speakers. You can view the details of that event at: