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The Salt Lake Tribune has posted a brief mention of yesterday’s rally that I attended.


(Al Hartmann/The Salt Lake Tribune )

Rally on H.B. 235: Abortion

Today a rally was held at the Utah State Capitol by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU to lobby for a “no” vote to H.B. 235, the bill that originally would have banned abortions in Utah, but has now been reverted back to being a “trigger” bill.

The prevailing message was that women must retain the right to do what they want with their own bodies and the way to avoid abortions is by providing sex education (and not just abstinence) as well as legal and safe abortions if needed.

Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs, Utah’s Radical Cheerleaders, of which I am a member, participated. Here is the appropro cheer we did:

Women’s care is second rate!
That’s not decent in our state!
We want access not debate!
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This week’s Utah Legislative HIT and MISS

While I could list many items in each category (see my previous posts during the 2007 Utah legislative session), I have chosen one in each for this past legislative week:

Utah House committee unanimously opposes Nevada test
Readers of my blog know my position on the Divine Strake Test. This is a very positive move by our legislators to oppose this test. Even military supporters are opposing the test.

Stadium plan is Real as it gets: State sets aside $35M for Sandy soccer facility
While Utah citizens continue to not be able to afford healthcare, work for poverty level wages, and our educational system needs continued funding to improve its system, our state legislators devote millions of dollars to recreation that only the rich can afford.

Energy Pollutions Bill Passes

Sadly, the Utah Senate has passed SB155, which will take away legislative oversight of nuclear waste coming into our state. This gives Energy Pollutions Solutions one more step towards total autonomy over this issue.

Speaking for EnergySolutions and its operations plans, Sen. Darin Peterson, R-Nephi, said, “Every time they have tried to change, they have been opposed by one group or another, and they have never lost one of those challenges. Never.”
      There should be a point where the company can go forward without as much hassle, according to Peterson. EnergySolutions is performing a service, said Peterson, sponsor of SB155. “They have proven themselves to be good partners.”

Sen. Scott McCoy, D-Salt Lake, said he was not speaking to impugn the corporate reputation of Energy Solutions. “What I’m trying to do here is to think about the public policy behind what is a significantly important material to many of the people of the state of Utah,” McCoy said. Many do not want to leave decisions about the material “in the hands of a group of bureaucrats.”  “I think the Legislature should keep some skin in this game,” said McCoy. He said officials charged with oversight “absolutely have a role in the process,” and they are the experts. “What I have a problem with is absenting ourselves and the governor and the county from a role in that process.”

There is a lot of confusion, according to the article, over the language of the law and of this bill.  But one thing is clear to me:  There are a number of Utah legislators who do not care to listen to their constituents and care only about money and not people.  This bill is a prime example of that.

Do As I Say – Not As I Do

Some representatives in the Utah Legislature are up to their old tricks by imposing inequitable laws.

In today’s Salt Lake Tribune:
Cell phones, tanning booths, video games – they all pose potential threats to children, according to Utah lawmakers.
But ATVs and hunting rifles are apparently OK for even the youngest children to use, if parents say so.
Once again, the 2007 Utah Legislature is zigzagging its way around parental rights, the best interests of children and government policy. With some bills, they have decided parents really do know best.

Isn’t that typical of governments all over? Dictate what’s in the best interests of people and their children without conulting them.

Yup. It’s in our best interests to listen.


Today’s Utah Legislature News

Deseret News
Corroon says no deal: Checketts is considering selling the soccer team
Lawmakers look to (mostly) expand Utahns’ gun rights
Marjorie Cortez: Superintendent ballot plan deserves an F (opinion)

Salt Lake Tribune
Bill on teens tanning nearing final approval

Utah Legislative Bills

Utah LegislativeNews

Deseret News
Education dilemma for illegals:  Some pinning hopes on passage of DREAM Act

Students fear repeal of the in-state tuition perk
Busy interns immersed in business of Capitol
Several legislative bills address illegal immigration
UVSC bill moves to panel in Senate

Demos like new rulesTuition relief on horizon
Pignanelli & Webb: School vouchers are divisive issue (opinion)

Porn bust used to push funding bill

Legislation would allow an appeal on graduation test

Regulation of boxing sought

Fines OK’d for payday lenders

Photo: Hats off to senior

2007 tuition legislation

Partisan races for school boards?

Web drug sales are bill’s target

Is parity funding ahead for charters?
Beer tax may aid disabled kids
Proposals take aim at UEA dominance

Dental hygienist bill sparks contentio
House committee votes to hold video game bil
Senate again approves drug list for Medicaid
Measure adds felony provision in cruelty-to-animals cases
Roads legislation is amended but passes out of Senate panel
House set to OK vouchers?
Ticket quotas targete
New license plates sough
Utah Lake panel may get an O
Utah lawmakers grill Cannon, Matheson during courtesy visit
School chiefs baffled by bill seeking retention vote
A bill detailing school-district splits advances
Voucher backers spreading message
Advocates seek rise in funds for cancer screening
Senate to reconsider Medicaid drug list
Benefits considered for military familie
Crime bill adds penalty if kids are witnesses
Transportation panel approves DUI bill
Huntsman expects to sign ethical standards soon
Energy bills offer incentives
Legislative actions
EnergySolutions bill passes Senate committee
Cannon exchange with legislators becomes heated
House favors bill to cut food tax
Changes sought on abortion law
Anti-gaming bill held to address concerns
Senate panel OKs bill to let trout groups buy stream flows
Utahns add input, comments on health-program funding
Education audit sought as leverage
Waddoups bill would redirect restaurant-tax revenue
House approves Juab County water resolution
Utah Senate approves preferred-drug-list bill, but sponsor criticizes amendment
Legislator posts a draft of voucher bill on blog
School drug bill passes with veto-proof majorit
Senate OKs overhaul of child-support guidelines
House rejects measure to require booster seat
Utah Latino group files complaint on audit of students
Legislative actions
Driving bill stems from loss of niece
Effort to ban unmarked police vehicles fails
School-club bill called unnecessary
Cell phone bill passes committee
Bigelow effort would fund more school nurse
House committee OKs bill on payday lenders
Rural firms may get funds
Drug reform act heads to Senate floor

Drug list for Medicaid clears hurdle
Video-game measure may be tough sell to courts
Contentious child-support measures advance
Legislature may lower age limit of big-game hunter
House Republicans debate 2 tax bills
Legislator’s $4,000 pay goes to 4 local PTAs
House panel approves child-murder measure
Drug-free-zones bill advances in the House
HB106 would help track 2 kinds of Utah firms
Senators OK $9 billion in base budget spending
House OKs bill to ban protests at funerals
Committee backs limits on sales of ephedrine
Audit sought on education costs for undocumented immigrants
Legislators focus on illegal immigrants
Legislative actions
House passes bill outlawing demonstrations at funerals
A $10 million UVSC ‘down payment’
2 tax-cut bills advance to House floor
Bill requiring public hearings on school closures, boundary adjustments advances
Extending health benefits in work accidents backed
Utahns may get help on owed commissions
Bill targets smoking in cars with children
Transit bill could hamper rail funding, UTA says
House Demos attack tuition voucher bill
State retirees may face hurdle in return to work
DUI measure calls for car locking devices
Public-comment rules may receive clarification
WSU-USU engineering partnership proposed
No action taken on Net government notices
Tax foe’s bill calls for a ‘Tax Me More Fund’
Child-support overhaul stalls in Senate
Driver’s license retesting bill voted down
Demo takeover could hurt Utah, Bennett says
Photo: Chilly January day on the Hill

House committee advances $279 million tax cut
Action taken this morning by the Utah Legislature

Pet-cruelty law sought
Senators get a jump on budget
Child support facing overhaul?

Pignanelli & Webb: Basic Capitol Hill jargon for dummies (opinion)
Jay Evensen: School choice prepares kids for the world (opinion)
Utah bills affecting families
East-west traffic flow is hot issue
‘Lost Boys,’ other FLDS teens lobby lawmakers
School-clubs bill aims to keep parents in the loop
Seniors need alternatives (opinion)
Repeal of tuition break for immigrants advances
Religious-expression bill goes to Senate
Mom offers emotional plea for primary seat-belt law
Gold Star license plates OK’d by Senate panel
Graduated licensing bill stalls in committee
2 ‘base budget’ bills await Senate approval
Panel passes CHIP bill after substantial debate
Senate panel approves cap on contributions
Panel beefs up law on assault of law officer
Friday’s activity at the Utah Legislature
Utah schools look flush …

Speaker requesting audit of all Utah school districts
Will wine, galleries mix?
A statewide restriction on tanning for minors?
Bob Bernick Jr.: Can legislators sustain their tax-cutting truce? (opinion)
Utah must rein in spending growth, lawmaker says
Measure would let EnergySolutions move waste on site
Emergency planning bill gets Senate panel’s OK
Mayne’s bill safeguards settlements for disabled
Voucher bill, similar to last year’s, may pass this year
Foster-home 911 issue resurfaces
House OKs Water Week for early May

Salt Lake Tribune

Kindergarten debate:  Does all-day make all-stars? Guv wants more funding for the programs

Guv, GOP at odds on lobbyists:  He may bypass lawmakers to get some ethics reformsJazz tickets too risky a perk

Today’s Utah Legislature News

Deseret News
Measure would let EnergySolutions move waste on site: Environmentalists are not pleased with Peterson’s bill Continue reading

Today’s Utah Legislature News

Deseret News
Tuesday start proposed for session Continue reading