Energy Pollutions Bill Passes

Sadly, the Utah Senate has passed SB155, which will take away legislative oversight of nuclear waste coming into our state. This gives Energy Pollutions Solutions one more step towards total autonomy over this issue.

Speaking for EnergySolutions and its operations plans, Sen. Darin Peterson, R-Nephi, said, “Every time they have tried to change, they have been opposed by one group or another, and they have never lost one of those challenges. Never.”
      There should be a point where the company can go forward without as much hassle, according to Peterson. EnergySolutions is performing a service, said Peterson, sponsor of SB155. “They have proven themselves to be good partners.”

Sen. Scott McCoy, D-Salt Lake, said he was not speaking to impugn the corporate reputation of Energy Solutions. “What I’m trying to do here is to think about the public policy behind what is a significantly important material to many of the people of the state of Utah,” McCoy said. Many do not want to leave decisions about the material “in the hands of a group of bureaucrats.”  “I think the Legislature should keep some skin in this game,” said McCoy. He said officials charged with oversight “absolutely have a role in the process,” and they are the experts. “What I have a problem with is absenting ourselves and the governor and the county from a role in that process.”

There is a lot of confusion, according to the article, over the language of the law and of this bill.  But one thing is clear to me:  There are a number of Utah legislators who do not care to listen to their constituents and care only about money and not people.  This bill is a prime example of that.

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