Message from Malik: A Voice for EVERYONE if elected

Dear friends in the struggle,

As you may be aware, I am seeking election to the United States House  of Representatives on December 6. I apologize in advance for the  impersonal nature of this letter. I wish I would have had time to call  my friends to discuss the details of this campaign. I’m sending this  message because I need your help.

Four days after Hurricane Katrina and two days before founding Common  Ground I made this decision to run for Congress. This decision was  made due to the lack of government response to Katrina. My hope is  that never again will any disaster turn into such a tragedy.

This is a winnable seat; a seat not just for residents of the New  Orleans area but a peoples’ seat for all those who stand for  environmental peace and justice. This goal can only be reached with  your support.

I will provide concrete alternatives to the wars being waged against  our communities at home and to the wars continuing abroad. Our  communities deserve no less. I will continue to advocate for safe,  affordable housing, the establishment of universal healthcare, and  invest in a comprehensive storm protection system and wetland
restoration. I would initiate repeal of the so-called Patriot Act ,  author legislation to remove FEMA from the Department of Homeland  Security, demand an end to the costly and senseless incarceration of  nonviolent offenders, and advocate for full funding for our schools.  Running a viable campaign requires funding.

Now with less than three weeks away, the campaign has set a goal of  raising an additional $20,000 by Friday November 28. With your help we  can achieve that end.

You can contribute on the campaign website at

I also urge you to get active with our campaign. Canvass your  neighborhood and tell your friends and family. If you are out of town,  we need additional volunteers on election day and the week leading up  to the election. You can phone bank remotely from home or promote the  campaign online.

In closing, I want to remind you that I will work tirelessly for the  people of District 2. But even if you are not in my Congressional  District, your cause is in my heart; you will have not only a committed advocate, but an office to work out of on the Hill.

In the struggle for environmental peace and justice,

Malik Rahim

Send your donation today. Individuals may contribute up to $2300. Use
the attached donor form to make as generous a donation as you can.
Then forward this email to your friends, co-workers and neighbors, and
be sure to Vote Malik in the December 6 election.

Please donate online at or make your check or money
order payable to "The Committee to Elect Malik Rahim" and send to:
The Committee to Elect Malik Rahim
331 Atlantic
. New
Orleans LA 70119

The Federal Election Commission requires the following:

* Donors must provide their name, mailing address, occupation and name
of employer.
* Contributions must be from U.S. citizens or legal residents.
* Contributions to the Committee to Elect Malik Rahim are not tax
By submitting this donation, I declare that I am a US citizen or
permanent resident; this contribution is made from my own funds; this
is not a corporation, labor organization or federal contractor.

Federal Election law requires that we ask you for all of this

FIRST NAME*___________________________________________________________

LAST NAME*___________________________________________________________



STATE*______________________________ ZIP






AMOUNT $___________________

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