Over on Green Change there is a thread on what we have all learned this election cycle.  Here is my response:

I learned that it’s still hard in Utah to get out the word, although am pleased that McKinney got nearly 1,000 votes with the minimal amount of volunteers we had.

I also learned that people are still sore about 2,000 and blame it on Nader and I am still finding myself having to educate people on the facts – years later. (Sadly, Nader didn’t fare well this cycle either.)

I also confirmed my love for this party and desire to keep pushing forward in my pursuit to do my part in preserving all life.


I learned about two amazing women in our country, Rosa Clemente and Cynthia McKinney who are working for the people in so many ways.  My desire is that they will continue to work in building the movement of creating a nation, a world, where all life is respected and people are created equally with everything they need to exist.

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