ten reasons not to vote for obama or macain…and to vote for Cynthia McKinney

This is posted at Gail’s Tails

ten reasons not to vote for obama or macain
…and to vote for Cynthia McKinney

1. Both support the bombing of Pakistan.
2. Neither one is in favor of a compete military withdrawal from Iraq. Ever!
3. Both support a military escalation of the war in Afghanistan.
4. They wholeheartedly buy into the untrue story that Russia started the Georgia conflict.
5. Both are pushing for the Ukraine to join the EU even though only 17% of the people there even slightly want it.
6. They continue to demonize the democracy movements in South America.
7. Both support a declaration of war, through a naval blockade, of Iran.
8. They fail to realize that the cold war is over and will not normalize relations with Cuba.
9. They want to surround Russia with nuclear missles.
10. They support a continuation of the military-industrial complex.

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