Young independent voter switching  from Obama to McKinney.

In this election season, message, media and medium are important. Some of All Parts, an underground Hip Hop group spreads the message of the Green Party through the medium of music. Their new song, "Run
(historical moment)" welcomes both youth, and People of Color, particularly from the Hip Hop generation to the Green Party. Presidential nominee, Cynthia McKinney and her counterpart Rosa Clemente, are taking the once white, middle class driven party to the masses, and reaching people of color.

With songs like "Run," the Some of All Parts (SoAP) represents the increasing dissatisfaction America has with the Democratic Party and that the alternative option is becoming the imperative. In the third
verse, of "Run," rapper 5 Fifths put its plainly "You can’t blacklist a black sista/with the power of the people and force of a
twista/they tried to kick her out/she came right back/America blacked out/she brought the like back." Some of All Parts is one group that adds to the growing list of endorsements which includes M-1 of dead prez, Professor Griff of Public Enemy, la Bruja, N.Y. OIL, Riders Against the Storm, and Rebel Diaz. Perhaps SoAP will spark other artists to step up to the political plate.

Some of All Parts is the first Hip Hop group or artist to both publicly endorse Cynthia McKinney and create a song specifically referencing her. With lines like "You’re the one, run Cynthia run, shinning like a sun,
run Cynthia run, you’re the one, run Cynthia run, the movement has begun, so run, run run," they will surely add to the growing movement of Green Party politics.

A group that started in sound engineer, Danny Velarde’s San Francisco basement, SoAP, has grown to include Carlos Bryant, pianist and co-producer, and emcee/rapper Joe Truss, known as 5 Fifths. Also featured in "Run" is Noodlez/Kenny a moving vocalist. The group makes both conscious music as well as light hearted and fun music. Look for updates, contact information, lyrics, and an extended biography on their website Their highly anticipated video for "Run" at, with 1800 plays in 8 days, is making waves on the internet. SoAP stays true to their name, by doing their part in cleaning up hip hop.

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an
interview with Some of All Parts, please contact Joe at someofall at

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