More Video from the RNC – featuring a Salt Lake Residenrt- Hip Hop Concert Attendees arrested

Thank you to Ester Republic which states:
This is a video of the arrests at the Take Back Labor Day concert, narrated by a guy from the Glass Bead Collective who interviewed a bunch of people and then buried his video camera so it wouldn’t get confiscated. Good thing, huh?

The Minnesota Independent has continued to cover this story, the most recent development being a forum held by the Society of Professional Journalists. Nick Coleman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune has also written about the experiences of St. Paul residents vis-a-vis the protests and arrests.

Salt Lake’s “Wes”, who is a regular at our weekly peace vigils, is featured and describes the police scene at the RNC, inlcuding innocent hip-hop concert attendees arrested for no reason

Wes at a peace vigil in Salt Lake:

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