McKinney excluded from CNN coverage of Third Party Candidate Press Conference in DC yesterday

There have been reports that CNN, in its broadcast coverage, is whitewashing Cynthia McKinney from yesterday’s press conference at the National Press Club in DC. Apparently, CNN is showing Ron Paul and Ralph Nader but no one else on the panel, misleadingly suggesting that Paul has endorsed Nader, and Cynthia McKinney’s name is never mentioned.

If you watch CNN and you find this to be true, please contact CNN and ask why they’re censoring the Green Party’s presidential nominee. I don’t watch TV or have cable, so I can’t confirm how CNN is covering the story.

CNN contact pages: (for posting messages)

Here are two phone numbers:
CNN Newsource Cable Network Bureau (202) 783-4364
CNN/Cable News Network Cable Network Bureau (202) 898-7923

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