Green Party Presidential Elections ’08

This page will be dedicated to information on Green Party Presidential Candidates in 2008.  This will be a link from the left sidebar of this blog.

2008 Green Party Presidential Candidates:

Jared Ball, independent journalist; radio host (WPFW 89.3 FM Pacifica Radio in Washington, DC),
hip-hop scholar, assistant professor of communications studies at Morgan State University
in Baltimore, Maryland

Elaine Brown, 2005 Green candidate for Mayor of Brunswick, Georgia; former leader of the Black
Panther Party; organizer of Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice and National Alliance for
Radical Prison Reform

Jesse Johnson, 2006 US Senate candidate and 2004 gubernatorial candidate for the Mountain
Party in West Virginia (now affiliate state party of the Green Party of the United States); filmmaker

Cynthia McKinney, former member of the US House of Representatives (Georgia), 1993 to 2003, 2005
to 2007; former member of the Georgia House of Representatives, 1988-1992

Kent Mesplay, 2004 candidate for the Green presidential nomination; former president of
Turtle Island Institute; environmental engineer, alternative energy activist; California Green organizer

Kat Swift, Texas Green organizer; former Campus Greens leader; activist with Clean Money San
Antonio and San Antonio Democracy Now

Links to blog posts on candidates:
(check back for updates)

Call to Green Party Members: Support Needed for Presidential Candidates

Dr. Jared Ball
Elaine Brown
Cynthia McKinney
Dr. Kent Mesplay
Kat Swift

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