Yesterday’s Vote on Vouchers

Needless to say the entire nation was watching Utah yesterday on the voucher issue which, if passed, would have set a precedent for other states.
I’m happy to report that, not surprisingly, Utah’s voters voted AGAINST vouchers for education.

“Tonight, with the eyes of the nation upon us, Utah has rejected this flawed voucher law,” said state School Board Chairman Kim Burningham. “We believe this sends a clear message. It sends a message that Utahns believe in, and support, public schools.”

The PEOPLE have spoken.

In today’s news:
Washington Post
ABC News


Vouchers go down in crushing defeat- Vouchers’ money man says Utahns ‘don’t care enough about their kids’

More than 60 percent of voters were rejecting vouchers, with about 95 percent of the precincts reporting, according to unofficial results. The referendum failed in every county, including the conservative bastion of Utah County.

Vouchers killed – Foes are elated; legislators call issue dead

“I think it shows that Utah voters care about all Utah children and they care about putting all the resources we have in the state in public schools where they can be available for all children,” said Lisa Johnson, spokeswoman for the anti-voucher Utahns for Public Schools.


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