Rocky vs. Hannity

The “debate” is over (I’ve been watching it via live stream),and it is highly clear that Rocky had the most rational and factual presentation.  Hannity did nothing but attack Rocky and progressives and never once did he address the accuracy of Rocky’s information presented.  His entire “rebuttal” to Rocky’s presentation was lame and not in defense AT ALL!  He kept linking the Iraq situation back to the 911 terrorist attack and kept bringing up Clinton’s mistakes in his presidency (huh?!?).  Hannity continually resorted to name calling and insults. Rocky did not.  Rocky did not mention Hannity once during his initial presenation.  He presented the facts.  During the question answer time, Hannity consistently evade the questons.  Rocky confronted the questions by providing answers.

Hannity was very nationalistic in his approach.  Rocky was very humanistic and global in his approach.  It was lucidly apparent who was the more concerned about humanity.

I do not have a link yet to the video of the “debate”, but watch for information at One Utah and here.

Rocky, you rock!  Thank you for standing up and giving an example of gracious and courteous behavior, not to mention a well organized factual and substantiated presentation on the war crimes committed by the Bush administration.

News Links:
Rocky, Hannity go at it before rowdy crowd

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