Ya Better Watch Out – Cheney is coming to town

Things are really heating up here in Utah over Dick Cheney’s visit to Utah on April 26 when he will speak at Commencement ceremonies that day.
Today’s Deseret News has announced an “alternative commencement” event, that I received an email about from a BYU student yesterday.

The alternative commencement group hopes to draw 1,000 to 2,000.
“A lot of people from different groups in Salt Lake have said they’re interested in coming down,”
[Ashley]Sanders[event organizer] said. “They’ve already chartered buses.”

Students at BYU who are unhappy with Cheney’s upcoming visit have just about secured Ralph Nader to be the featured speaker at that event:

I am part of a group of students and community members who oppose Dick Cheney coming to speak at BYU’s commencement. We are, among other things, working to organize an alternative commencement and have been in negotiations with Ralph Nader to come and speak at this alternative commencement.

The group is in the process of raising the $15,000 to secure Nader for this event.

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