Divine Strake “public meetings”

Last night was the Salt Lake session sponsored by the feds on the Divine Strake Test at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.
I stood outside with a few others with protest signs and handed out literature. As soon as we arrived we were approached by hotel security and told we couldn’t be there with our signs. We promptly told him we could be on the sidewalk because it is public property. He tried to tell us we need a license to do that, to which Tom replied:
(stepping on hotel sidewalk block)This is Grand America. (stepping on public sidewalk)This is America, land of the free where we have the right to exercise our freedom of expression.”

That shut him up.

We took turns going inside, although I chose to stay outside the whole time.
Everyone I talked to going in and out was opposed to the test. One man inside caused an uproar when had yelled out for those opposed to the test to say so (to which the entire room did). He was escorted out (go Kevin Donahue!).

We all were interviewed by the media. Tom’s quote got into the Deseret News (link to article below):
“My primary concern is for the well-being of life on this planet,” said Tom King, Salt Lake City. Besides damage from radioactive isotopes at the test site, he said, he is worried about the government’s intentions.
“They want to see what a little nuke will do to underground facilities,” King said.

The governor has set dates for hearings:
Governor sets Divine Strake hearings

Articles in today’s news about the meeting:
Divine Strake session criticized
Divine Strake visitors frustrated
‘Divine Strake’ meeting draws small but boisterous crowd
Meeting Regarding Explosion Draws Big Crowd
Divine Strake Hearing Draws Hundreds

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