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Public hearings have not been well attended, statements mostly in favor of the plan to put all of the nuclear waste in the country in this one sacred place. Activists were told that if we do not go on record with a statement,
we will have no legal recourse later on.  Local papers & media spin have
recently stated that opposition to the nuke dump had dropped off since the
passing of Corbin Harney. The nuclear reps are confident to the point of
acting like it’s a done deal. 


Yucca Mountain is sacred to the Shoshone as an herb gathering site, for
rituals, and as a part of their stories. Yucca Mountain is known in Shoshone
language as Snake Mountain.  Indeed it looks like a snake. It is said that
the snake was headed north when it froze where it is. Further more it is
said that it will move again and “flip around”. Geologists say that there
are thirteen different fault lines running through it.

Citizens  can make an oral statement at the scheduled public hearings or
fill out a form and mail it in to EIS Office U.S. Department of  Energy
Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Mgmt, 1551 Hillshire dr.  Las Vegas,
NV, 89195-7308 or by e-mail at  

EIS_Office AT ymp.gov.


 “The eyes of the elders are on us.  The fate of the unborn is rolling
toward the cliff, the voice of Corbin Harney is ringing in my ears, “It’s on
your shoulders now…”.   Info from Bear Dyken.
mdyken AT goldrush.com.

Mother Earth

  released two Draft Supplemental Environmen-tal Impact
Statements related to
 of high-level waste in Nevada.

Inyo County CA- Excellent   Draft
Impacts Assessment Report 
Comments due by 1/18/08

Stop The Nuclear Bailout – NukeFree.org – Musicans Take a Stand!

Do you live near a nuclear power plant? You may not today, but if the nuclear power industry has their way, a lot more of us could have those radioactive smokestacks as neighbors.

Please join musicians Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt as well as a growing list of concerned citizens in signing a petition to Congress that will stop a pending bailout of the nuclear power industry.

Remembering Corbin Harney

The day I arrived in Reading, Pennsylvania, July 11, I received an email that Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, had passed.  He had been dealing with the effects of cancer. 

I feel blessed to have been associated with Corbin and able to participate in many events where he was present, inlcuding actions at the test site, in Skull Valley, and at his healing center,Poo-ah-bah, at his home in California.  His sunrise ceremonies were healing, his talks provided wisdom and knowledge, his words engraved inspiration.  He will be sorely missed.

Experts now admit the potential devastating danger of Divine Strake

Thank goodness we got it stopped.  The people do have the power.  Sometimes Davey wins.

Friday, June 29, 2007
Experts: Divine Strake ‘Mushroom Cloud’ Could Have Sickened Many
Associated Press Writer
June 28th, 2007

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A non-nuclear explosive test planned by the government could have spread  lethal radioactive particles across the Nevada desert and beyond had it not been  canceled, experts testified Wednesday.

“A new generation of ‘downwinders’ would have been created, with cancers and birth  defects,” said Robert Hager, a Reno lawyer who summoned witnesses to try to drive a stake  through any future plans for the “Divine Strake” test at the Nevada Test Site 85 miles  northwest of Las Vegas.

The explosion of a 700-ton fuel oil and fertilizer bomb was proposed to gather data about  penetrating underground bunkers that produce and store weapons of mass destruction. But  the prospect of a mushroom cloud in the desert prompted a lawsuit and intense opposition  in Utah and Nevada, where critics feared it would scatter decades-old radioactive  material from previous Cold War-era tests.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency canceled the test in February.

Justice Department lawyers urged U.S. District Judge Lloyd George not to hold Wednesday’s  hearing, arguing the cancellation made the issue moot.

“DTRA has no plans to conduct either the Divine Strake experiment or any tests using  open-air explosive detonations at the (Nevada Test Site),” government lawyers Caroline  Blanco and Sara Culley declared in documents filed in the case.

“We think it should be completely over,” Blanco said Wednesday.

But Hager pleaded with the judge to order the government to provide notice and an  opportunity for public hearings if a similar test is resurrected.

Hager also sought the recovery from the government of $400,000 in attorney and legal fees  he claims were racked up forcing DTRA to pull the plug on the Divine Strake experiment.

He said the government first postponed the test and later canceled it only after his  clients, the Western Shoshone tribe members and others in Nevada and Utah, filed a  lawsuit and found fatal flaws in the environmental impact reports.

The judge, who has heard months of arguments since the blast was initially scheduled for  June 2006, did not make immediate rulings on those requests. He gave both sides several  weeks to file briefs before he decides.

But he agreed to hear the experts Hager brought to Las Vegas to testify that the  government failed to adequately study possible health effects of the blast.

Plutonium expert Michael Ketterer, a chemistry and biochemistry professor at Northern  Arizona University in Flagstaff, testified that government soil samples found “no doubt”  there was radioactive contamination at the blast site.

Diane Stearns, a Northern Arizona University biochemist and uranium expert, faulted a  December 2006 draft environmental report on the proposed blast for failing to answer what  she called the “obvious” question.

“The public wants to know: What are the health risks from the fallout?” she said on the  witness stand. “We know this radioactivity is carcinogenic. We know it can cause cancer.”

Government officials a year ago downplayed surface contamination, and then said they  didn’t expect the blast would disturb fallout left from the 100 aboveground and 828  underground nuclear weapons tests conducted at the test site from 1951 to 1992.

Thousands of people who lived near the test site – called downwinders – were exposed to  cancer-causing radiation from the weapons tests.

Ketterer said Wednesday that plastic shovel sampling for a December 2006 environmental  study was so “abbreviated and hasty” he could not tell how much plutonium there was on  the surface around the Divine Strake site.

“They didn’t test enough so that a report could be provided to represent the danger?” the  judge asked.

“Yes, your honor,” Ketterer replied.

“The report as far as you’re concerned was inadequate?”


Over the image of a huge crater left from a July 1962 nuclear test dubbed “Sedan,”  Richard Miller, a researcher, author and former federal Occupational Safety and Health  Administration compliance agent, testified that for many years radioactive fallout from
Nevada traveled across the U.S.

Miller compared the 10,000-foot dust plume that officials said would have been generated  by the Divine Strake blast with a dust cloud kicked up by the 104-kiloton Sedan test,  which was detonated at a shallow 600 feet below ground.

Miller also offered charts showing widespread and random radioactivity deposits around  the nation after nuclear tests in the past, and called it impossible to predict where  microscopic particles cast so high in the atmosphere would settle.

“A debris cloud can be scavenged by a thunderstorm and 99 percent of the material can  come to Earth within an hour,” Miller said. But he said measurements also found  radioactive clouds wafted north to Canada, west to California or east as far as Maine.

Hager noted that the government had predicted dust churned up by the Divine Strake test  would settle within about 50 miles – or near the boundary of the Nevada Test Site.

The blast was to have been 280 times larger than the bomb that destroyed the Alfred P.  Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

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Reunion with Western Shoshone Corbin Harney in Nevada

I was pleased to see a photo of mine published on the CENSORED website:

Reunion with Western Shoshone Corbin Harney in Nevada

(Corbin Harney at Nuclear Test Site 2006 Photo Deanna Taylor)

From Peace Camp, near the Nuclear Test Site:

May 9, 2007

Hello Everyone,

The Ceremony has already begun. We’re in it now.

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts for the benefit of this Reunion with Corbin. He looks great. He sounds great. He’s strong & positive. Please continue to send him loving energy and prayers. He says that’s the only reason why he’s alive, and we all know the power of prayer! Also, please include in your prayers, his caretaker Patricia, Poo Ha Bah, Shundahi Network, Johnnie Bob’s Spirit Run and all the Elders & participants who are coming together this weekend to honor Corbin and protect all Life and Mother Earth.

Thank you for all the organizations, Spiritual People, activists and those who are contributing to the success of this event. Like Corbin always says, “We have to help each other and unite ourselves together. We have to work together and appreciate one another.”

Mothers Day at the Nevada Test Site

Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, has invited everyone to a Mothers Day Gathering at the Nevada Test Site this weekend.  Corbin has been quite the anti-nuclear activist world-wide and is widely revered and respected.  Corbin’s health has been in state of decline recently and people are gathering this weekend to not only honor our mother earth but also to honor Corbin and his work.  We like to attend these gatherings but cannot this year due to the time it takes to travel there and having to be back by Monday morning for our day jobs.  We have sent our blessings and regards to those gathering this weekend and especially to  Corbin Harney.   Here is the official announcement and information. 

Mothers Day weekend gathering and reunion at Peace Camp, Nevada Test Site, May 11 – 13th, 2007

Corbin Harney invites everyone to a Mothers Day weekend gathering and reunion at Peace Camp, Nevada Test Site, May 11 – 13th
This gathering is to honor Corbin and all who have participated over the decades at NTS to end the nuclear madness and the destruction of our Mother Earth.
Corbin has taught many to respect and protect Mother Earth and traditional ways through ceremony and non-violent direct action.

We’re calling for everyone who loves Mother Earth to join us.







Come Self sufficient for desert camping. Be prepared for hot days and cold nights. Bring plenty of water, food, sunscreen, hats and layered clothing.

This is an invitation to Newe Sogbia (Western Shoshone land) where we observe traditional native spirituality.



Donations are needed for: expenses of gathering, and food for community kitchen. Bring Raffle Items

Fundraising appeal for Mothers Day Gathering

To print a flyer and for more information please visit http://www.wildernessthx.com/ntsreunionwcorbin

E-MAIL: ntsgathering@wildernessthx.com

JULIA MOON SPARROW Cell: 702 521 7627 Home: 702 304 9859

WILLIE FRAGOSA Cell: 702 812 4664 Home: 702 649 6014

Directions to the NTS Peace Camp

Map to Peace Camp from surrounding areas

The Peace Camp is across from the entrance to the Nevada Test Site, one hour north of Las Vegas, on Highway 95. The camp can be accessed directly from the southbound “Mercury” exit of 95. If you are heading north from Las Vegas, continue past the Mercury exit until the highway is no longer divided (about one mile), pull off on to the shoulder, and make a U turn. Now you should be driving south on Hwy 95. Take the Mercury Exit, look for signs to the camp. The nearest place to get gas, telephone access, food or water is Indian Springs, about 20 miles south of the camp, back towards Las Vegas.


Elders housing will be at Cactus Springs on the west side of Highway 95, 3 miles north of Indian Springs and 15 miles south of Peace Camp and the Nevada Test Site entrance at the Mercury Exit. Look for signs.

  • US 95 North of Las Vegas, 2.5 miles North of Indian Springs look for a road sign indicating an intersection and labeled “Cactus Springs”. There is a grove of cottonwood trees and billboards.
  • *Turn West at the intersection and into a gravel parking area
  • Follow the gravel road at the far right corner of the parking area
  • After a few hundred feet, keep right at a fork and follow signs to the gathering.
  • From: Julia Moonsparrow 5/5/07
    Re: Updated information on location of Mothers Day Weekend Gathering, May 11 – 13, 2007

    The Gathering will take place at Peace Camp at the entrance to the Nevada Test Site, Mercury exit, off of Hwy 95. This is 18 miles north of Indian Springs.

    Hi Folks!

    On May 4th, Willy, Corbin and I spent a wonderful day together visiting and discussing life, important issues and Gathering logistics, including finances and program. We all three concluded that it’s better to take out a loan to be able to shift our base camp location to Peace Camp, so the People can be united. We appreciate the Western Shoshone National Council and the Goddess Temple caretakers for their hospitality in providing Cactus Springs as a base camp, due to lack of funding. We will be using Anne Key’s house and the women’s retreat and the Water available at Cactus Springs for support of this Mother’s Day Reunion.

    Please print, distribute and post the attached recently updated flyer for the Gathering, as well as the attached fundraising letter. Please note the emphasis on financial needs. Everyone, PLEASE do what you can to bring or send more financial support for this event!

    As noted in the attachments, if mailing checks, please be sure to make them out to CER (with “NTS w/Corbin ’07” written in the memo) and mail them to: CER, 104 Commercial St NE, Salem, OR 97301.

    Thank you everyone for your flexibility. Corbin emphasized repeatedly how important these annual events for people uniting together, praying and working together, are to protect all our relations – including our future relations – and to teach the youth how to take care of our Air, our Water, and our Mother Earth. He feels it’s urgent for people to get how important this is. Thank you for your support.


    5/4/07 Hi Everyone!

    This is just a rough draft of the logistics and some program info.

    Thursday, May 10th:
    Wade’s kitchen arrives. Possibility of Sweat Lodge construction either on Goddess Temple land or Corporation of Newe Segobia Land, depending on what is appropriate regarding the Corporation of Newe Segobia and the WSNC.

    Most likely, food from Mountain People’s Warehouse arrives at Cactus Springs (dependent on Mountain People’s trucking schedule).

    Dinner by Wade.

    Friday, May 11th:
    Sunrise Ceremony..

    Breakfast by Wade V. for set-up crew.
    Crew needed to set up tents, etc at Peace Camp.

    Port-a-potties arriving from Las Vegas at Peace Camp

    Set up registration booth


    More set up. PA system, etc.


    Possible special feature screening at sundown of “Trespassing”, courtesy of producer, Carlos DeMendez.

    Saturday, May 12th
    Sunrise Ceremony, walkers arrive into Peace Camp from Johnny Bob’s Spirit Run.


    Honoring Corbin
    Speakers: Corbin, Katherine, representative from WSNC, Darlene.


    Either speakers or visiting time with Corbin, as determined by Corbin.

    Non-violence training for those who are line crossing and need or want training.

    Building Sweat Lodge at Peace Camp. Lodge times to be determined by Lodge Leaders. (Helpers needed.)

    Ceremony and speaking honoring those who’ve crossed over to Spirit World (led by Willy, location determined by Willy).

    Possible special feature screening of “Trespassing”, courtesy of producer, Carlos DeMendez (in Anne’s house).


    Raffle (to provide fundraising for the port-a-potties, etc.)

    Sunday May 13th
    Sunrise Ceremony.

    Note: all Sweat Lodge participants to arrive at Sunrise Ceremony with appropriate Sweat Lodge clothing layered underneath. Bring towels and water to Sunrise Ceremony. Sweat Lodge conducted by Darlene immediately after sunrise. No changing of clothes, or waiting for late comers.

    Breakfast at Peace Camp


    Lodge participants eat set-aside breakfast and re-join the group.

    Corbin to Bless the People before procession to the front gate.

    Front Gate Activities. Line crossing

    Return to Peace Camp


    Breakdown of tents, etc at Peace Camp

Adopt a Native Elder

I love getting phone calls from folks who see fliers about events I help organize. Today I received a call from a man who saw our flier for the David Rovics House Party who wanted to rsvp. The conversation rolled into who he works for: Adopt a Native Elder. As a result of his call, I have been able to outreach to all sorts of other people about the Food Run program, for which volunteer drivers will be needed in May to take food to Big Mountain.

Each May and October the Program delivers boxes of food, clothing and simple medicines to different areas of the reservation.

The first part of the Food Run delivers items to areas in the Northeast section of Arizona close to Chinle, Many Farms, and Tsaile.

The second part of the Food Run delivers items to areas in the Northwest section of Arizona close to Kykutsmovi, Teesto, Bird Springs, Pinion, and Big Mountain.

Utah’s ABC Channel 4’s bravery in confronting the government on Divine Strake

BE SURE TO WATCH THIS STUNNING VIDEO and account of delivery of email comments that overloaded the government’s computers so channel 4 decided to deliver them. Watch and listen to the resistance they confronted and the statement by channel 4.
Channel 4, KUDOS!!

Re: Divine Strake


Go to http://www.abc4.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoID=59263

or http://www.abc4.com and click on the video for the story ‘ ABC 4 hand delivers viewers comments to the Department of Energy in Las Vegas ‘ that includes a moving commentary from Terry Wood, a 40-year veteran journalist.




The video may not work best with Firefox; if so, try Internet explorer.

Andrew at StopDivineStrake.com
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Winona LaDuke inducted to Women’s Hall of Fame

Winona LaDuke was named this week as a 2007 inductee to the National Women’s Hall of Fame earlier this week. Winona LaDuke was the Green Party candidate for Vice President of the United States sharing the Ticket with Ralph Nader in 1996 and 2000.
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Divine Strake Hearing Comments

Listen to the entire hearing
Written Text:
Eileen McCabe, sister radical cheerleader
Sound files:
Pete Ashdown,2006 U.S. Senate Candidate
Cindy Bur, local activist
Shea Pickelner, sister radical cheerleader
Rupert Steele, Goshute Tribe