Where does our food come from?

As the traditional U.S. Thanksgiving holiday approaches, there are numerous articles and posts about food.

I was pleasantly surprised today to see this headline in the Salt Lake Tribune:
From farm to feast: How Healthful is your meal?

The article delves into the different food movements and changing mindsets of consumers.

A growing number of people are relying on different values to shape their meals, buying organic or locally grown produce whenever possible. They support local farmers and small, artisan producers of milk, cheese and bread, and share the bounty with family and friends. This “Slow Food” movement began in Italy 20 years ago in response to the opening of a McDonald’s in a historic section of Rome. Today, Slow Food has 80,000 members across the globe, including a group in Utah.
Better flavor is just one of the reasons that “eat local” is one of Slow Food’s mantras.

The article also gives local alternatives to Thanksgiving food items:

A plate full of America

Where in this country did all the fixings come from? Or maybe they just came from Utah.
Canned pumpkin – Libby’s, Ohio
Utah option: Pecan pie, from Thompson Family Pecan Farm, Hurricane

Brussels sprouts – Various farms, California
Utah option: Mushrooms from Mountainview Mushrooms, Fillmore

Cranberries – Ocean Spray, Massachusetts
Utah option: Apples from orchards in Santaquin, Payson and Orem

Mashed potatoes – Eagle Eye, Idaho
Utah option: Spuds from the neighbor

Turkey Jenny-O, Minn.
Utah options: Norbest turkey, Moroni; or hormone-free bird from Wight Family Farms, Weber County

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