More on Thanksgiving – Building Community

Every student in my school is required to serve on one of the 11 committees that contributes to the school community in some way. I am the advisor of my school’s Social Committee. Our committee plans activities to promote a sense of community by bringing everyone together for fun activities such as dances, chocolate parties, talent shows, etc.

For the second consecutive year, our committee is planning a Thanksgiving Feast for the entire school – all for free. Parents have donated all the food and today is the day we will all gather in our school kitchen to do the cooking. That part of it – the preparation – is part of the building of community. It’s so fun to come togethter – students, parents, and teachers – and engage in this activity. I have parents whose kids can’t help prepare this year who want to help anyway because they had so much fun last year.

We are providing food items for everyone – vegans and meat-eaters; grocery-store bought items to homemade items and free range turkeys; pies made by the foods class.

The feast is tomorrow and practically guaranteed to be a success (what teen doesn’t like food – especially free food?). Mostly because of the sharing that takes place – of food and conversation – with students, staff, and parents all together.

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