My daughter and ovarian cysts

My daughter had to be rushed to the ER last night – for the third time in about 3-4 months – with another burst ovarian cyst.

She is only 16. I am so worried about her. If anyone knows what the long-term prognosis is, generally, for women with this problem, please offer information.

The really sad thing for us is that I am 2,000 miles away from her. She lives with her father. He refuses to take her to the ER each time and she has to call my son or another family member.
She is strong and getting through it ok, but this is a very negative situation for her.

One response to “My daughter and ovarian cysts

  1. Hi.
    I watch the “ask a nurse” community, but am not a nurse.
    Is it absolutely out of the question for her to take contraceptives? This is the only thing I know that will keep her from ovulating, thereby reducing the liklihood of ovarian cysts. I know that some people refuse contraceptives for religious reasons. I have a friend who has to go to the ER once every 3 months or so with burst cysts, and refuses contraceptives (she’s in her late 30s, and her husband has had a vasectomy). I can’t imagine not wanting to stop the pain any way you could, in her situation.
    I don’t know if your daughter has begun visiting a gynecologist, but I think that would be the first step. I know she’s young, but you’re going to get your best answers for her particular body from a doctor.
    Good luck and best wishes.

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