The only soy milk I’ve been able to drink is Soy Dream because I am sensitive to carrigeenan which all other soy milk has in it – Soy Dream was the only milk that didn’t.

Until recently.

When I opened my new case of Soy Dream, I was surprised to see a new package with “new and improved taste!” on it. I looked at the ingredients and, to my horror, found carrigeenan in it! Ack!

I wrote to the company – that was two weeks ago – and have not heard one word. My husband is content to drink what we purchased, so we didn’t return it. Yesterday we went to the grocery store and saw that there was a close out sale on all the old packages of Soy Dream, so we bought them all.

The person we buy our bulk food from (he runs a food buying club) has offered to let me use his equipment to make my own soy milk. I may have to take him up on that.

2 responses to “Soymilk

  1. The health food store should have or should be able to get the kind of soy milk you can have.

    • Yeah, you’d think so, but every single brand of soy milk I’ve examined at every health food store or section I’ve been to has carrigeenan in it.
      I may have to go to rice or oat milk or powdered soy milk or make my own. One thing I want to be sure is that it is fortified with calcium and vitamin D since I’m “at that age”!
      Thanks, D.

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