So I was feeling pretty good yesterday and then I had a relapse today. I barely made it through work. I just ate two cloves of garlic (raw) with my dinner, took vitamin C, and some other vitamins and I’ll be in bed soon. It’s unusual for me to get colds back to back, but that’s what has happened the past month. My immune system must be doing some weird things causing me to be more susceptable to “stuff”.

I often feel kind of “cold-ish” right before my periods (when I have them), so I’m guessing that the hormonal stuff I’ve been experiencing could be contributing to the weakened immune system…..

2 responses to “Relapse

  1. I am sorry your feeling ill.. I do hope you get to feeling better. That is odd about feeling “cold ish” though.

    • I’ve ended up staying home today – the first sick day ever I’ve taken at this job (I’ve been there since winter of 2003). I hope to sleep a lot today. I haven’t had a cold this bad in years. Pretty lucky.

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