Rocks and Crystals

At least once per year we like to go camp in the Utah West Desert in the Thomas Range, where the famous Topaz Mountain is. We camp in a remote spot and hike for about two hours to a fairly remote spot to gather crystals.

We also like to collect obsidian rock, or “Apache Tears” in the vicinity.

Here is the legend of the Apache Tears:

“One day a party of Apache Indians was ambushed by an enemy tribe. The Apaches fought bravely but were greatly outnumbered and were driven to the top of a very high mountain. Their arrows were gone, and they could fight no longer. Refusing to be taken captive, they leaped, as one, from the cliffs to the rocks below.

“The Apache women, grief-stricken over the death of their brave warriors, shed torrents of tears. The tears became petrified and turned to stone.”1

Apache tears are actually small pieces of obsidian or volcanic glass. When held in the palm of your hand, the stone appears to be black. When held to the light, you are able to see through the stone.

2 responses to “Rocks and Crystals

  1. Beautiful…
    The desert is so beautiful. And those are beautiful pics.
    When my daughter was about 1 we lived in Las Vegas. I loved the desert. But then again I am a land and water girl. We would spend our summer at Lake Meade on our boat. We traveled to Mt. Zion in Utah and the Grand Canyon in Arizona to Death Valley. I have seen the wild horses and burros run.. The mountain goats. I have fools gold, crystals and I might have some volcanic glass in my old box. I will have to look.
    I am not much into tent camping any more.. but maybe someday will have a pop up and will go out again.

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