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The Voucher saga

The Utah Supreme court recently determined that an amendment to the voucher bill was not enough to stand alone as the law which would dictate that Utah schools distribute tax-supported vouchers to parents to want to send their children to private schools.  In other words, the people will determine that in a vote in November.

I find it interesting that pro-voucher groups like Parents for Choice in Education spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to push the voucher bill through this past year’s legislature and to oppose the petition drive for a referendum allowing the people to vote in November on the issue.   Why would anyone or any group oppose having the vote and voice of the people making the decisions?

According to an editorial in the Salt Lake City Weekly by Holly Mullen, a good chunk of the money for this group’s efforts came from out of state interests connected to Amway and WalMart. 

Hmmm….vouchers don’t have anything to do with the interests of right-wing rich people, do they?  Right….

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