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Growing grain for fuel and meat: There’s something wrong with this picture.

While people around the world are fighting and dying for food, 

From rice in Peru to miso in Japan, food prices are rising

Famine, farm prices and aid:  Food for thought

A Hungry World

2008: The year of global food crisis

we in the U.S. are promoting the growing crops for ethanol to make alternative fuel

Flooding, Food Shortages, Ethanol Boondoggle Good News for Agriculture
The world food market – it doesn’t make sense
Paying for biofuels in your supermarket

Until there is no longer world hunger, we need to give up on that idea.  If we have to make biofuel, the best way is to use sources that have already been used (like used cooking grease).  The best alternative right now also is to have more walkable communities where folks live and work, more bicycles, and better mass transportation.

and are continuing to grow meat for food which exacerbates the hunger problem.

What if livestock farmers gave up growing grain for feeding the livestock and grew it for people instead?  The reason I gave up eating meat was because I learned that  it takes more resources to grow food for meat per person than it does to grow food for people.  We could feed 7 -10 times more people per acre if we gave up eating meat.

Ironically, I found this article today:
Vegeterianism addresses many needs, problems

Put all of this together with Global Warming:
Scientists say world must adapt to warming

and we have a huger than huge mess in our grandchildren’s life times (right now it’s just “huge”).

Holiday Gift Giving – Vegan Gift Basket

What could be a more perfect gift for your favorite vegetarian or vegan than a vegan gift basket? The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating, a supporter of Vegetarian Resource Group, offers 4 terrific gift baskets: organic, small, large, and body care. And all products in the gift baskets are vegan! By ordering a gift basket through the following link, you will also be helping VRG as The Mail Order Catalog is kind enough to donate a percentage of each sale to the


Green Dietary Habits

I became a vegetarian because of the impact that eating meat has on our planet. Consider this:

from Wikipeidia:
Environmental benefits of Vegetarianism

The production of meat and animal products at current and likely future levels is often considered as environmentally and ecologically unsustainable. It is also argued that even if sustainable, modern industrial agriculture is changing ecosystems faster than they can adapt. While vegetarian agriculture produces some of the same problems as animal production, the environmental impact of animal production is significantly greater. [1] Environmental vegetarians can be compared with economic vegetarians, who consider the meat industry economically unsound, and both citing the same efficiency concerns, many vegetarians see natural resources as being freed up by vegetarianism and veganism.

“The cost of mass-producing cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep and fish to feed our growing population… include highly inefficient use of freshwater and land, heavy pollution from livestock feces… and spreading destruction of the forests on which much of our planet’s life depends.” – Time Magazine 11/8/99

I guess I can call myself, then, an “economic vegetarian”.