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A Bill That Makes Sense? C’mon!

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

Rep. Jen Seelig, D-Salt Lake City has a piece of legislation in store for this year’s session that will assist women on Medicaid with family planning.

Rep. Jen Seelig, D-Salt Lake City, says she will sponsor legislation in the upcoming session of the Utah Legislature to extend family planning services, including birth control, to two years following childbirth for women on Medicaid. The federal government would pay 90 percent of the cost. The bill may include a provision to extend the service to all families with annual incomes up to 185 percent of the federal poverty level.

The article points out that private insurance pays for similar services to women and that women on Medicaid should also benefit.  Further, since most unwanted pregnancies occur with teens due to Utah’s archaic law that prohibits teens from obtaining birth control, teen women should also benefit from such services.

The CDC cites statistics about pregnancy at its page,  Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)

babies born as a result of unplanned pregnancies are more likely to be unhealthy at birth, more often are below-normal birth weight and have to be cared for in costly intensive-care hospital units.

Rep. Seelig’s bill makes sense.  This population of women are in need of family planning services and should be able to receive them.

Sad Day for Women’s Health

Even though three states three district courts and a Court of Appeal declared a nationwide ban on a procedure known as partial birth abortion, the US supreme court upheld the ban.

This amounted to the first restriction imposed on abortion rights since women won the right to terminate pregnancies in 1973. The 5-4 vote in favour of the ban was seen as a victory for President George W Bush and his social conservative allies in one of the most divisive debates in America.

The ACLU and the National Abortion Federation (NAF) have criticized the decision.
“Today’s decision has placed politics above protecting women’s health,” said Vicki Saporta, President and CEO of NAF.  “This ruling is a set back for all Americans who believe politicians should not legislate medical decision-making.  The decision disregards the opinion of leading doctors and medical organizations that oppose the ban because it is harmful to women’s health.”

Utah Planned Parenthood:
The breadth of this decision invites all kinds of interference in the doctor-patient relationship and opens the floodgates for Utah’s politicians to further limit access to abortion and reproductive health care.  This decision shows utter disregard for women’s health and safety and makes paramount the ideology of politicians and pays no heed to the expertise of medical professionals.

I will be providing more updates, commentary and actions as they occur….