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Punishing the children of illegal immigrants: There’s something wrong with this picture.

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A prospective college student wishes to enroll at the University of Utah but lives in Wyoming.  To avoid paying out of state tuition, this student moves to Utah and obtains employment and after residing and working for a period of one year establishes residency.  This student is now eligible to enroll at the U of U at in-state tuition costs.  This is just one way of establishing residency.  The entire Utah Code on residency requirements can be found at Title 53B State System Of Higher Education, Chapter 8 Tuition Waiver and Scholarships, Section 102 Definition of resident student.

A student who has lived in Utah most of her life, has attended high school and has graduated with a high school diploma and who happens to be the child of an illegal immigrant is eligible for in-state tuition at the U of U (and other higher ed institutions)……..for now.

If Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman has his way, with a bill he plans to introduce in the 2011 Utah Legislative session, children of illegal immigrants in Utah will have to pay out of state tuition.  (In-state tuition costs at the U of U run about$2600 per semester compared to Out-of-state tution at about  $8300).

Wimmer’s bill doesn’t propose blocking access to education for students based on citizenship status. Wimmer said the tuition break is unfair to American-born citizens.

“Many of them will still go to college they’ll just have to pay the full rate,” Wimmer said. “It’s fundamentally unfair that an American-born citizen from Evanston, Wyo., would have to pay more to go the University of Utah than an illegal immigrant. It’s fundamentally flawed.”

(Salt Lake Tribune, December 26, 2010)

Wimmer goes on to say that he feels his bill will be successful in light of the failure of Congress to pass the DREAM act, which would have permitted children of illegal immigrants to earn permanent status through education or military service.

This is a bad bill.  It punishes children.  Rep.  Wimmer should devote his energies to bills that are not punitive in nature.

Si se puede! — Yes we can! – More Images from the March and Rally

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Letter Mistakenly Gets into Hands of Progressives

Project for an Old American Century(POAC) has a link to an article on Think Progress about Rep. Virgil Goode’s (R-VA) letter to his constituents regarding Muslims. POAC’s introduction to the article:

Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA): ‘I Fear We Will Have Many More Muslims In The United States’. For a really creepy experience, read this article and replace the word “Muslim” with “Jew”.

Bush Protest info on KCPW


No Nutcakes Allowed

Aug 14, 2006 by Julie Rose
Organizer Hopes for Bush Protest With Different Feel

(KCPW News) When Utahns gathered last year to protest President Bush’s visit,
a prominent U.S. Senator referred to many of the demonstrators as “nutcakes.”
The comment fueled outrage from protesters – and inspired one local
businessman to envision a new kind of rally. Greg Felice hopes to give the
traditional anti-Bush protest a makeover when the President comes to Utah
later this month. He tells KCPW’s Julie Rose that he’s shooting for a
“no-nutcake” rally:

(Go to the link above to listen)

Greg Felice is helping to stage a protest during Bush’s visit on August 30th.
Details are online at http://www.utahvoices.org — remember to wear your tie.

The Border Fence and walking into Mexico

Yesterday Tom and I traveled through El Paso, Texas. We stopped for awhile and walked across the border to Mexico. It was a little scary because a U.S. bridge guard saw me taking photos just outside the U.S. side of the bridge and came out to order me to erase any photos I had just taken and that if I didn’t my camera would be confiscated. She made it a point to tell me not to take any photos of the border police. Then she told me to be sure not the drink the water when I crossed the border. It was interesting that she came to talk to me, the only white person around, and did not appear interested in making sure anyone else knew of any consequences that were possible.

As we crossed the bridge we took photos anyway. There was graffiti all over the walls to the canal channel below us. Mexico appears to have an active peace movement. We walked around the streets a little, then walked back into the U.S. where we were requested to show i.d. (we did not have to do this going into Mexico). On the U.S. side were blocks of markets set up to cater to those coming across the border to shop.

All along the border of El Paso was “The Fence”. Complete with cameras and lights. Miles and miles of barbed wire fences – one on either side of the Rio Grande River Canal. Although I had read of this, I still could not believe what I saw. My photos are below, but don’t do justice to actually being there seeing it. Read a history of the border fence here.

Then another surprise. After leaving El Paso and then getting into New Mexico, there was a mandatory border crossing checkpoint where all cars had to exit the freeway (in fact the freeway had a section closed just for this) and go through a checkpoint. Again, I have posted photos below.

There is talk of taking a field trip during the convention here in Tuscon to Nosgales to see the border fence here. I will go see it before leaving the area for sure.

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News Coverage of April 29 anti-war rallies – in Salt Lake and in the nation

Salt Lake Tribune: Over 200 in SLC protest Iraq war Akin to Germany? Rocky tells the crowd that a U.S. ‘culture of obedience’ is to blame
Deseret News:Utahns rally to cry of no more war: Rocky calls for end to incompetence, arrogance in D.C.
KSL Channel 5: Utah Crowd Calls for End to War in Iraq
KSL Channel 5: Tens of Thousands in NYC Protest War

Nationally and Globally
Islam Online: Americans Rally for Immediate Iraq Pullout
Australia Herald Sun: Critics make a meal of Bush
Chicago Tribune: NYC war protest attracts thousands
Boston Globe: Tens of thousands in New York march against the war in Iraq
News24.com (Africa): NY march draws 300 000
Washington Post: Thousands in New York March Against Iraq War
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Today’s Anti-War Rally

Today in Salt Lake a Peace and Justice Rally was held to demand an end to the Iraq War. About 300 people attended. I was there with three other of my fellow radical cheerleaders. Here are photos we were able to get of today’s event.