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Imagine Peace: A Message from Yoko Ono Lennon for John’s birthday




Let’s send 1 Million wishes for PEACE for John Lennon’s birthday, October 9th

Dear Friends

On October 9th at 7.45pm GMT, I will relight IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Reykjavik, Iceland in memory of my late husband John Lennon.

Please ask all your friends to join us LIVE at


7.45pm GMT = 8.45pm UK = 2.45pm NY= 11.45am LA = 4.45am Japan

to watch the lighting while sending wishes to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.

You can send wishes via Twitter, email or conventional post.

Tell all your friends on Twitter by clicking here

Spread the word.

Forward this email.

Let’s send a million wishes for peace for John’s birthday!

love, yoko

Yoko Ono Lennon

Celebrating John Lennon’s 70th Birthday

Imagine Peace



Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE.

Photos of Imagine Peace Festival

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Yesterday’s Imagine Peace Festival

The very first ever Imagine Peace Festival, created by Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs, Utah’s Radical Cheerleaders, was a huge success. The weather was perfect and the event ran without any “glitches”. There was something for everyone. For the academically-oriented, there were discussions. For the visual, there were films and art displays. For those that enjoy the auditory satisifaction of art, there was music. For the kinesthetic, there were art activities. We repeatedly heard from our participants and festival goers how meaningful, well organized, and fun this event was.

ABC Channel 4 showed up with a camera and took footage of the events and did an interview with me but I don’t see where they showed it.

I heard from one organization who tabled that they had never before been able to have such an opportunity to dialogue with the public about peace.

We are already talking about next year’s 2nd Annual Imagine Peace Festival.

Organizations that tabled yesterday were:
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International Day of Peace


Today is the International Day of Peace.
Join the worldwide movement to create a Global Ceasefire and day of peace and nonviolence. including Pinwheels for Peace in over 2,000 locations.

There are more than 3500 events in 187 countries scheduled for today.

Here in Utah, International Day of Peace Activities began Monday night at Westminster College with a peace ceremony, film and panel discussion, about which Green Jenni wrote.

Here are actitivites today:

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  • Imagine Peace – Festival

    I am on the organzing committee for Imagine Peace, a Festival being planned for September 23rd.

    This is the brainchild of Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs, Utah’s Radical Cheerleaders, and is a collaborative grassroots effort of that group, People for Peace and Justice of Utah, and Roots and Shoots of Westminster College.

    The Festival will include art displays by children and adults on the theme of “Imagine Peace”, music, poetry, films and workshops.

    This is a “special event”, requiring all sorts of expenses – liability insurance, mass gathering permits, tents, etc.

    We need financial assistance. Please forward this post widely. Visit our donation page at Imagine Peace Fest to find out ways to donate funds. This is the first festival of its kind in Salt Lake City and we hope to make it an annual event.